Personal Coaching for kids

Personal Coaching for kids is now available online for children between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. Children should play games on skates and learn skills on skates from the age of 6 up to 14, gradually increasing the trianing volume and intensity as they grow older and more proficient on skates.   This is important, and we take care to guide your child through the correct development process as they grow. We also ensure they get the best technique. and equipment advice as they grow. As they reach 14 years and older, then we introduce more speed work, intervals and physical trianing. 

Online coaching for kids has 2 categories:

1. Kids Coaching: 6 - 14 years

Online coaching for kids requires an adult to be the main communicator with the Sk8skool Coach. We talk with the adult (parent, or local coach) and we discuss what is best for the Childs technique, skills and speed, and physical development. We write the program, and analysis the technique. But we communicate with the adult. 

2. Teenage 15 - 18 years 

Online coaching for 15-18 teenagers means the skater can be the main communicator. We talk directly with the skater. However, the adult (parent, or local coach) will still be involved and must also take responsibility for some fo the guidance. We coach both he parent and the skater.  We have found this team-work coaching can be very effective. 

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1 month

Kids Coaching




Kids Coaching €80/month


1 month

Teenager Coaching



3 months

Teenager Coaching €90/month

What is Sk8skool ONline? 

Hi I'm Sutton Atkins (Coach Sooty), 

Thank you for taking the time to browse my content on Sk8skool ONline. I hope you've found some useful stuff so far. My aim is to help you skate faster,  by improving your technique, more effective physical training, stability training, sports psychology tools and improved recovery.  Let me show you around, and how I can help you go faster and achieve your goals, while spending less time training ...

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