• Sutton Atkins

New adventure starts in Lagos

I'm very happy to announce that I have accepted, and started, my new job in the Netherlands as Coach of the RTC Inline (Regional Talent Centre) in the 'Midden' region of Holland. The job began on the 1st March with a training camp in sunny Lagos, Portugal. The track in Lagos will be the venue for the European championships in July, so is the perfect place to hold our 'start camp'. I'll be here for 2 and a half weeks coaching the RTC skaters, and the NTC (National Team) will be here being coached by Frank Fiers. We will co-operate, sharing knowledge and supporting each other. It's a great atmosphere, and the group is getting along very well. Sunshine, Vesmaco track, skating, biking, strength training and pliates/core... what a wonderful start.

Here's a the 'After-Movie' from our camp in Lagos (NTC and RTC skaters). Enjoy....

RTC Midden brings together some talented skaters; Clarissa van Maaren, Elsemieke van Maaren, Tom Mars, Fleur Veen, Madelief de Jong, Marc Middelkoop, Noah Boogaard, Tom den Heijer, Max Douma, Lianne van Loon, Marit van Beijnum, Teun de Wit and Merijn Scheperkamp. I have met them all previously, and coached 6 of them in Portugal at the training camp. I am very much looking forward to get started and bring this group together for some high quality training. We will use Almere track a couple of times each week and also skate on road, offerng a full coaching program including strength training, core training, technique analysis and so much more...


What is Sk8skool ONline? 

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