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I regularly visit the USA, 3 or 4 times a year. Nice skating, nice people 😋 nice weather 🔆  It's all good. 👍  I've just spent 2 months in California, and I talk to a lot of skaters there, as well as on FB and through my blog here. I coached my Sk8skool clinics in San Francisco and San Diego recently, and in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Toronto last year. I coach skaters in Cali, Pennsylvania and Toronto, and in the past in Ohio and D.C.  It amazes me each time, that many skaters in the U.S. just don't know where and when the races are.  I've done a bit of "googling" myself, and it is very hard to find races.  You really have to be "in the loop" or in the "in crowd" if you want to know where and when all the races are.   This can not be good for the participation levels of the sport in the U.S. 


So in an attempt to spread the word, here's a summary of the major races I could find.  Mostly outdoor races, and one or two of the "more important" indoor races. 


If you'd like your race to feature on this list, just send me the details and a link, email here:  If any of the info here is incorrect, please just email me.  Thanks. 


Please share this page if you'd like more skaters to know about the races. 


America's Cup (Cont. Club champs)             FL             Jan                      Americas Link

Star City Blue Ridge challenge                     VA             Feb 15-17          Blue Ridge Link

Menifee half marathon                                  CA             ‪April 9                Menniffee Link

Tampa Classic Easter (in+outdoor)              FL             March 25-27      Tampa Link

North Carolina Easter Meet (in+outdoor)    NC             March 25-27           

‬‪Texas Stampede (Indoor+Outdoor)              TX              April 15+16+17 Stampede Link

‬Salt Lake City 10k                                          UT             April 16              SLC 10k Link

Spring Banked Track Clinic                           CO             May                    Clinic Link

Indoor regionals                                             Regionals Month of May    IDR Link

Eastern Seaboard Series #1                         PA             May 28               ESS Link

Eastern Seaboard Series #2                         PA             June 11              ESS Link

Outdoor Nationals  ODN                                CO             June 15-23        ODN Link

Apostle Island marathon                               WI             June 18              Apostle Link

Columbia station half marathon                   OH            June 26              Colombia Link

Skate of the Union marathon                        DC             July 3                 SOTU Link

Eastern Seaboard Series #3                          PA             July 9                ESS Link

San Fran marathon                                        CA             July 10‬ 

Marathon Laval                                               Canada     July 10              Laval Link

Indoor Nationals  IDN                                     NE             July 16              IDN Link

Chicagoland marathon                                   IL               July 24th‬          Chicago Link

‬Minnesota Half                                                WI              Aug 6                Minnesota Link

Eastern Seaboard Series #4                          PA              Aug 13             ESS Link

24h Roller (Team relay race 24 hours)         Montreal   Aug 20-21        24hr Link

Park n Roll, half marathon                             OH             Aug 27              Park Link

Rollin on the river marathon, + half              ND             Aug 27              Rollin River Link

NIRA Indoor Nationals                                    GA              Sept 2-4           NIRA Link

‬Eastern Seaboard Series Final #5                PA              Sept 10             ESS Link

Northshore Inline marathon                          MN             Sept 17             Northshore Link

New York marathon                                        NY              Sept 24‬             NYC marathon

Fall Banked Track Clinic                                 CO              Sept                  Clinic Link

Athens 2 Atlanta                                             GA              Oct 9                  A2A Link

Carolina Century Ride n Roll                         NC              Oct 22                Ride Link

Battle at Bear Creek                                       TX              ‪Oct 30‬                Battle Link

Silver Strand half marathon                          CA             Nov 13               Silver Link

Las Vegas Inline Cup 2017                            NV              Feb                     LVIC Link


Oh, and just a tip to skaters...  there seems to be a culture of signing up for races real late, at the last minute.  This puts pressure on the race organisers, and it's noticeable that some races have been cancelled unnecessarily, only because people were waiting to sign up.  Why wait?  Bottom line, if they don't see that you've signed up, and numbers are low, they will cancel.  So please sign up early.  Then you'll have less races cancelled. 


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Coach Sooty


An update, from Brian Geisel, he runs a comprehensive calendar. This would be great if more people knew about this, please spread the love: InlineGeek  and his FB page: InlinegeekFB


And if you're looking for European events:




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