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Indulge me.... it's my Birthday  🤪   Memory is a wonderful thing. Here's a little blast back to 2008 and 2009 when Sk8skool started with just a few motivated kids.  I had no idea then it would be my full-time job (the last 4 years) and have 30 skaters being coached world-wide (... at this moment; Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, France, UK, Italy and more... ) and have coached nearly 1000 skaters online in Sk8skool. 😊   There have been many great moments, including skaters achieving their goals despite maybe not believing they could (on ALL levels from 1 hour 40 marathon skaters, to World Masters medalists). Sk8skool ONline has had a hand in winning many World and European Masters medals, and that makes us happy to help those people get where they want to be... 


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Go faster with Sk8skool ONline coaching ...


6 medals as National Coach at European Track Champs.


9 Medals from Masters Euro's and Worlds.




Thomas (44) Marathon

1:22 to 1:07 in 3years

2 hours less training per week than before.


Maria (45) Marathon

1:38 - 1:12 in 3 years

No increase in training hours


Angela (38) Marathon

1:42 - 1:28 in 8 months

Only been on skates 18 months!


Klaus (39) Marathon

1:19 - 1:06 in 2 years

Only been on skates 3 years


Lukas (18) Marathon

1:25 - 1:02 in 2 years


Mike (45) 10 mile

35 - 31min in 1 year



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Personal coaching for ANY type of skater on any level. 

Marathon, track, indoor, sprinter, distance skater, 24-hours racing

Novice to pro.

2 hour marathon to 1 hour marathon. 

Fun skater to serious athlete.

It's not a crime to want to be better, and get help.

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