Photo credit: Per Jensen ©

Photo credit: Per Jensen ©

Photo credit: Per Jensen ©

SIRS 2019

Sjællands Inline Race Series

A friendly series of races, on the pleasant island of Sjælland, open to all speedskaters who are 10 years or older. The aim is to give you a regular opportunity to practice racing, have some fun, make new friends, and learn from your mistakes.  RD use a 'Category Racing System' (like the 'down-under' system), and there will be an overall points system. Winners will be crowned for both the indoor season and the outdoor season, but the main aim is on fun and learning in a race situation.

See you in Farum on 7th November.

  • A friendly series of race events for Inline speedskaters 10 years up to Masters.
  • Category racing  (similar to the 'Down-under' system) 

  • Online points system for overall winers each season 

  • 60kr / day

  • Pay with MobilPay before 4 days before the event.  (problems paying, write to us here.) 

  • Your payment is your registration - remember to write the skaters name 

  • Registration after the deadline is only possible on the day - 100kr cash   

  • If it's wet, we cancel the race, your registration fee “rolls over” to the next event. You don't loose any money. 

The type of races we are going to have:


Indoors:                                          Outdoors:

Dobbin sprint                                 100m  

One lap TT (stående start)            One lap

500m                                               500m+D

1000m                                             1000m 

1500m                                             1500m

30 point                                           3k

‘Freaky Fifty’ ***                              5k Point 

Stafet                                               10k Elim. 



*** 'Freaky Fifty' is a 50lap open race for anyone that dare, 13+ years or older. (max 30 skaters)

       ... How long can you last? If you're lapped, you're out! 😃  

All categories are mixed; girls + boys. The only consideration is your speed. Your race category depends on how fast you are, and on how many people sign up. You race against people approximately the same speed as you every time (except for "Freaky Fifty"!  ... and therefore your category can be different on different days. 

There can be a different number of people in each category, and it can vary from day to day.   ... Whatever happens we are gonna make a good race for you, so you have fun and learn to race. 


Points system: The winner of Cat. 1 gets the same number of points as there are people registered to race.  So, for example, if there are 37 people registered to race: 


Cat1  1. place gets 37 points

          2. place gets 36 points

          3. place gets 35 points

          4. place gets 34 points

          5. place gets 33 points

          6. place gets 32 points

          7. place gets 31 points

          8. place gets 30 points

          9. place gets 29 points

        10. place gets 28 points

        11. place gets 27 points


Cat2  1. place gets 26 points

          2. place gets 25 points

          3. place gets 24 points

          4. place gets 23 points

          5. place gets 22 points

          6. place gets 21 points

          7. place gets 20 points

          8. place gets 19 points

          9. place gets 18 points


Cat3  1. place gets 17 points

          2. place gets 16 points

          3. place gets 15 points

          4. place gets 14 points

          5. place…. etc etc…. 

          ......    ...... al the way down, so everybody gets at least 1 point or more. 

It's a "friendship race". No medals, no ceremonies, just racing, great fun, fast and furious. 😊  

You will be able to follow your points score and everybody else on the our results page here.  

The skater that has the most points at the end of the SIRS indoor season on Feb 23rd will be crowned the very first SIRS indoor champion!. And the person with the most points at the end of the SIRS outdoor season on September 5th will be crowned SIRS outdoor champion. And of course, as with everything nowadays, it'll be all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc...  😜  #IfItsNotOnFacebookItDidntHappen  😂 

Still got questions?  Ask Rullesport Danmark here   Or just come along and have fun 😊  

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