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Lets go faster,

Coach Sooty

Are you using the correct stride length in different situations, and are you using the correct stroke length in those situations? But firstly we need to define what they are:

1) Stride length is the distance you travel forward with each stroke

2) Stroke leng...

 How hard is this sport? Well don't look at the face of the winner, 

look at the faces of the girls in 2nd and 3rd. 

"Can you train any harder?" ... if the answer to this question is 'no', (either due to physical limits, time restrictions, motivati...

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Most people battle with technique change. They wish to chang...

9 good reasons to get a peronal coach

Coach Sooty in action giving personal feedback.

Sk8skool delivers these principles in it's daily coaching and it's weekly training programming for all it's skaters.


Personal coaching...

The whole point of training is progression. Progression  happens after a series of good training sessions, right? WRONG (or at least, not necessarily). Progression happens after a series of training sessions IF there has been adequate time for recovery an...

I've been working with Nikolai for over 3 years, and Niko has shown me he is one of the most disciplined, serious and focussed young athletes I've ever met. It's "not easy" (understatement) to develop elite performance in Denmark, with few high quality fac...

So if you're preparing for the Tour de France, then one of the highest priority considerations is nutrition, diet, and your body-weight. ... from gluten free, calorie counting and anti-inflammatory foods, to macrobiotic superfoods (maybe), the list of nutr...

Now that wheels are getting bigger (again, again), it means we are getting higher and higher off the ground. There’s a big discussion about this, some say it doesn’t matter, some say it is critical. I’m one of those ones that believes that as your foot get...

Improving technique is essential in inline speedskating. In Sk8skool we break the technique down in to component parts, working on ONE aspect at a time, then building it back up again when errors are fixed.  This makes technique change more effective over...

Like many people, you may have skated your fastest time in Berlin this year. Congratulations! Berlin is the fastest marathon for many reasons. Some of those reasons are as follows; Relatively flat course, protected from the wind by buildings, large number...

Last EVER Sk8Camp.

August 2019.

If you wanted to experience Sk8Camp, then this year is your last chance.

More info here:

How much sport specific training should you put in to your training program?  (i.e. How much skating should you do compared to cycling/strength-training/stability/core/conditioning etc.)

As I am sure you are aware, the answer to this question depends on man...

The focus is on going faster in Berlin, 4 or 5  months out and just enough time to really make a difference to your Berlin time. The concept of 'Technical Gearing' is very important in inline speedskating. 

When you ride bike, you have gears. You chang...

What is "Movement Re-patterning"? "Movement Re-patterning" is a functional approach to rehabilitation for neuromuscular disorders and for movement dysfunction in adults. Breaking down the movement patterns in to segments, and re-programming the body to fun...

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Go faster with Sk8skool ONline coaching ...


6 medals as National Coach at European Track Champs.


9 Medals from Masters Euro's and Worlds.




Thomas (44) Marathon

1:22 to 1:07 in 3years

2 hours less training per week than before.


Maria (45) Marathon

1:38 - 1:12 in 3 years

No increase in training hours


Angela (38) Marathon

1:42 - 1:28 in 8 months

Only been on skates 18 months!


Klaus (39) Marathon

1:19 - 1:06 in 2 years

Only been on skates 3 years


Lukas (18) Marathon

1:25 - 1:02 in 2 years


Mike (45) 10 mile

35 - 31min in 1 year



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