Step 3

You will recieve a confirmation email within 24 hours, including a questionairre about your training history, injury history, skating history, and lifestyle. We will also ask you what your goals are, and when you would like to peak your performance in the year, and for which event.  You will also receive a blank 'standard week' excel file (shown below), you should fill this in with detail of what a "normal week" looks like for you in the recent past. You will also receive instructions how to get started with video analysis, so we can work on your technique (on skates, in the gym, slideboard and more.... ) as soon as possible. 


Step 4

You send us some video of your skating in the 'Hudl Technique app'.

(straight-aways, corners, drills, different speeds). 


Step 5

We arrange a day and time for a video chat. We disicuss your 

technique, your training program, lifetyle, and ways of improving

all of those. We will also discuss the process of peaking your

performance at your "goal event" this season, so that we can design

your training periods accordingly, using macro-cycles,

meso-cycles and micro-cycles. 


Step 6

You will recieve, within 24 hours, a new training program to follow for 4 weeks. (or if you use TrainingPeaks, we will plan it in there for you). All exercises will have video explainations with commentary, and we offer text/messaging/email support for small easy questions, or skype/FaceTime support for more complicated questions.  If you experience fast progression with the program, we may change the program sooner than 4 weeks, or later if you experience slow progression.  You will also receive personal video feedback of your skating videos, with voice-over commentary from me, detailed explainations of how to change your technique, which drills to work on, and "focus lines" showing the correct way (all in the free app.) 

















*Normally, we don't inform the athlete of the macro-cycling (long term plan), this is because in our 25 years of experience we have found this tends to encourage athletes to look too far ahead, and try to rush to get to the next period. It's often better for most people to focus in the moment, one day at a time, or one week at a time. However, if you want the macro-cycle expalining, or want to see it, we can of course do this for you. 



Step 7

Get training!

Build gradually in to the new program, beginning at 75% volume...

and by week 4 you should be doing the full program. Communication is

essential, even just a text, a message or an email, to let us know how each

session felt, is enough, so we can stay 'on top' of any necessary changes or

adjustmetns to the program to ensure you are trianing as efficiently as

possible, not under-training, and not over-reaching. We can evaluate as we

go along each week. 

Step 8

Skate faster! 

It's also important we build a coaching relationship with you, and get to know you, and your life style. This way we become even more effective coaches for you. Looking forward to meet you, and help you skate faster. 


Any questions, just ask here


Step 1

Try for free!  Write to us here. We'll reply, set up a time and day to chat with you, and answer your questions, and see if we think we can help you. This is completely free and you have NO obligation to continue. 


Step 2

If you decide you want to go ahead with  personal coaching, then you pay online when you have chosen the "coaching package" that suits you and your life. 

What is Sk8skool ONline? 

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