• Coach Sooty

Eat, sleep, skate, repeat

Going faster on skates is not just about technique, power, fitness, strength, core, stability, balance, skills, endurance etc. In Sk8skool we help athletes improve every area of their athlete lifestyle in order to go faster. (if THEY want, and/or need). This is what we’ve been looking in to recently….

So the science says that training extra hard doesn’t really pay off, because the increased recovery time means you do less training sessions per week. But training at a medium “Training Stress Score” (most of the time) gives almost as much super-compensation, but drastically reduced recovery time. So training more frequently each week will give more super-compensation effects per week. So in actual fact, what we want to do is not train harder, but just train hard ENOUGH… And then recover as fast as possible, then do it all over again, as many times as possible per week. Better recovery is where we get faster/stronger/fitter. Or as we always say in Sk8skool, “Training makes you slower, recovery makes you faster”. So how can we recover better? Well, I’m sure you have read enough articles about nutrition, supplements, water, vitamins, protein, etc. etc. la la la la… jadda jadda jadda …

By far the MOST important aspect of recovery is high quality sleep, and enough of it. So the question is; “How can we improve the quality of our sleep, and how can we get the right amount of it?”

Well, if you hadn’t noticed already, there’s an “App” for everything these days… and now there’s an App for sleep. At Sk8skool we’ve been testing a new app called “Sleep Cycle”. It monitors your sleep pattern, by accessing the phone’s accelerometer, and measuring the small vibrations and movements through your mattress. You lay the phone on the bed, after you have activated the app, and set the alarm time.

I have to admit, I was very skeptical when I heard about this app. I thought, “How the hell can this be accurate.” Isn’t it just a gimmick? But I tried it anyway, and I have been pleasantly surprised. It really works, and it really has helped me get more sleep, and better quality sleep.

There are several advantages; you can analyze your sleep, see exactly how much sleep you’ve had compared to the amount of time in bed. Yo u can also test different sleep regimes; darkness in the room, temperature, different pillows, different eating times, or meals, etc. Any variable can be tested.

Another advantage is that the app will wake you when you are in a “light sleep phase”, and avoid waking you while you are in a deep sleep phase, so that you don’t wake up feeling “dead head” or ‘groggy’. I’ve attached some screen shots below, so you can see the results, and the graphs showing the stats. If you want faster recovery, then get more sleep and better quality sleep. This is not rocket science people. Get on with it.

“Let’s go faster.” Coach Sooty.


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