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Sk8skool 'Next-Level' Workshops

Sk8skool 'Next-Level' Workshops aim to do just that! ... Take you skating to the next level. Whatever your level right now, we have experience with helping people like you go to the next level. We've coached people preparing for World Championships, and we have experience coaching beginners, intermediate and marathon skaters.

With 20 years experience of organizing International Skate Workshops, and International Skate Camps (see video), we are sure we can provide your skating team, club or group with expert advice, personal feedback, new drills and some exciting fun challenges. If you're looking for new inspiration for your training then give us a try. We will come to your club, on your track, or your normal training facilities, even if it is just a school playground or parking lot, anywhere we can skate with you.

Our workshops are customised to your needs, your group, from complete beginner up to elite skater. We'll listen to what you want, what you need and give suggestions as to how we can best use every minute of time that we have together.

We want to make the workshop as cheap as possible for you. We just need you to cover the travel, accommodation, etc. We will work with you to find the cheapest method of transport possible to get us there to you, and if you provide a place to sleep and eat, then we are happy. We'll gladly stay with you and eat with you if it is cheaper than a hotel. And it's more fun!

How to get a workshop? Just write to us and ask, click here.

We generally advise that there be a minimum of 8 skaters at the workshop so that we can do pace-line, pack activities, relays and overtaking activities, and a maximum of 30 so people can get some personal feedback. Although under special circumstances we have done workshops for over 50 people! (We will bring 2 or 3 coaches in this case). Here's an example of the kind of programs we can deliver. Or we can design it specifically to YOUR CLUB needs...

Saturday 10:00 Arrival 10:15 Welcome to Sk8skool - Icebreaker activity (on feet/shoes) 10:30 Skates on + 10 min social skate, free warm-up 10:45 “You can’t skate in a straight line” 12:30 Lunch 13:30 “Let’s all fall” 15:00 Break 15:30 “Track theory, and activities” 17:00 Break 17:15 Group Q+A 18:00 End of day 1 - Coach Sooty will be available for questions/advice

Sunday 09:30 Arrival 09:40 Sk8skool - Icebreaker activity (on feet/shoes) 09:45 Skates on + 10 min social skate, free warm-up 10:00 “Déjà vu” 10:30 “The need for speed” 12:00 Lunch 13:00 “Ready, steady, go” 14:00 Break 14:15 “Shut up legs!” 15:00 Break 15:15 “Suck that belly in” 16:15 Summary + Sk8skoolONline 16:30 Group Q+A 17:00 End of workshop - Coach Sooty will be available for questions/advice

Let us help take your skating to the next level. Our qualifications and experience as a high school teacher of sport, and background as national coach in speedskating combine to give us the most professional and well organised workshops. Just contact us and we can come to YOUR club, and deliver a fun, interesting and informative skating workshop like you've never had before.

Not sure?

If you are interested, but not sure if it's for you, just click here, and write to us, tell us your situation, and maybe we can make a custom workshop that fits just you. Or maybe we can set up a Skype meeting sometime to discuss your needs. We’re here to help you.

"Don't train harder, train smarter"

Coach Sooty


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