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Video Communication in Sk8skool

In Sk8skool we see how you skate, we see how you train (slideboard, off-skate, core etc.) Anything you want us to see and analyse we can. Our members benefit from our expert advice every single week, with voiceover feedback, drawings and suggested solutions to their weaknesses.

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The most valuable tool is our ability to do video analysis for our member’s worldwide. We do this over the internet, and explain the small details of what they are doing wrong, why they have been doing it wrong, what they SHOULD do instead, and drills/exercises to help them learn a new movement pattern (both on and off skates).

Here’s some recent examples of some of the analysis we’ve been doing.

If you’d like us to do a video analysis of your movements, off-skate or on-skates, it’s easy:

  • Just download the Ubersense app and find us in the app. (Find username: “”)

  • Record yourself IN THE APP, skating or training off-skates, just 1 min is enough

  • Share your video with us in the app.

Alternatively, you can go for a coaching package that gives you more support, gives you more time, and helps you understand the reasons behind the techniques, movements, training etc. I’m sure we can revolutionize your training, and help you go even faster this summer. Just write to us here; Or buy a coaching package in our shop and we’ll contact you.


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