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What the skaters say....

Maria Carstensen, Høve, Dk

Maria is a school teacher teaching students age 11 – 16, she had never done sport before in her life, until she started skating in 2008. She was immediately hooked and searched for professional coaching. She found Sk8skool. “I have been in Sk8Skool since June 2009, almost 5 years and have recieved coaching from many perspectives; including email, video analysis, TrainingPeaks, social medias, sms, and recently Ubersense, but also through training programs, personal caoching, psysical sessions on skates, and off skates, and also Oxygen Uptake Testing twice a year. I can highly recommend this way of receiving coaching because it has not only improved my skating skills, dramatically, but also opened up my self-comprehension of technic skills and agility, both on and off skates. The daily contact over sms/mail has been crucial for my the sessions where I train alone in my home-town. The reason is, since I sometimes train alone, then the motivation can be very difficult. By sms my coach can easily get in contact and say the right things, to make it a successful training session. But also the video analysis is very important in order to get a realistic view of ones own performance. Corrections can be said or drawn during the video session. At home I can watch them many times and understand them better. TrainingPeaks is a great tool to inform conversations about tiredness or injuries. The coach can from entering into ones account see reasons and give explanations for such matters or prevent them. It’s been so valuable. Maria.” I recently received an sms from Maria, which expresses how she feels about her life and skating: “Hey :) I really love my skating life. That is thanks to you, for showing me the real way. I know I am older and will never be professional ;) but you have shown me a taste of the elite world :) thanks for that! The impact you have and had on my life can’t be written in words, but I just needed to write this. … ;) thanks. . . See you tomorrow, from one happy but tired legs skater. :) “

Lukás Benedik, Košice, Slovakia

Lukas was a brave 16 year old boy with a passion when he contacted us through Facebook in late 2011. Since then we’ve watched him grow in to a strong young man and a great skater (with more to come!). We’ve been working with him over the internet with occasional visits to Sk8skool. It was only in September 2013 that Lukas moved to Copenhagen to study Business at university. Now 18, he continues to train and study toward his goals. Lukas writes: “Since February 2012 in Sk8skool, I had the chance to develop myself on many levels, not only from the performance side but also from a personal development side. From the very beginning you will be perceived as an individual and the program will be adapted to you, based on analysis. Sk8skool is about high focus on physical development, technique and coordination development. All what we are doing is based on experience and on very scientific way. Sk8skool provides you with very professional information and will build your way for improvements. From the very begining you will be perceived as an individual and as to individual all requirements will be adapted on you based on analysis. With high focus on listening to your body and very high focus on information they are providing you, you will be able to see progress very soon. Lukás”

Mike Patchen, Long Beach, USA

Mike is a family-man with a passion for skating, he works in IT at manager level. Mike met Sk8skool in LA (Eldo Park with So Cal Skaters) whilst I was on a trip there in May 2013. He liked the idea of getting some coaching, so thought he would give it a try. Mike wrote:“After only six short weeks of working with Sooty, my speed and skating skills improved immensely. I was able to finally hang with our pack of skaters, something I was trying to do for 9 months prior to his instruction! Mike.” Recently myself and Mike have been working on some indoor technique focus points. This was one of Mike’s comments; “I really felt good last night at indoor. I think that pic you sent of yourself in indoor skating position, plus the video, really helped out. I really focused on keeping my weight on my left bent knee (knee over toes) going into the turns. Mike.” I will be travelling to LA in May to see Mike for 10 days to help him with his technique, training routine and of course for some super fast training with So Cal Skaters. Sooty.

Thomas Jensen, Ringsted, Dk

Thomas is 43 and owns his own business producing industrial lighting, he works hard and plays hard… He was skating 1:22 for a marathon, he now skates 1:07.... “I started in Sk8skool because I wanted to improve my technique and performance. Sk8skool give me coaching in many ways. At trainings sessions I get coaching but also afterwards with video analysis of skating technique. It’s really good to view video right away with Ipad/Ubersense and several times at home afterwards to understand what to improve and what to do better at next training session. The Sk8skool coaches a lot of race experience that for me are priceless when I go to a race. I get strategical and tactical coaching before each race, and after each race we evaluate my performance, so I can do even better in my next race. Sk8skool coaching had improved my physical and mental performance level so that I now get much better results. Thomas J”


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