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The holy grail of speedskating is great technique, although it's only one tool used to go faster, it's a pretty important one. One of the best ways to improve technique is get an expert to analyse your on video. In Sk8skool we use Ubersense to do this for our members round the world. Here's two examples of how we communicate with Karine in France and Michel in Sweden. They both have goals for this summer, and want to improve their efficiency and speed.

The important part is to see what you look like, as it often is different from what you THINK (or feel) you look like. We call this the "reality gap". In Sk8skool we follow up this analysis with an email summary, suggesting drills and practice so they the skater can quickly learn the new movement. Then we follow up with a Skype call to answer any questions that they skater might have, and to check on how it's going.

This is complete online coaching support.

This is how we simply help skaters go FASTER.

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