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Coach Sooty winning Berlin Half Marathon 2005.

It’s all about going faster, right? So, if you are training a few times each week, and aren’t getting that much faster, then ask yourself "why?".

Some of our members train 4 times a week, some less. Some of our members train 6 times a week, or more. It depends on your lifestyle, motivation, level and goals. Here are a few examples of the improvements some of the members have made since joining Sk8skool….

Thomas (44) Marathon

1:22 to 1:08 in 2.5 years

2 hours less training per week than before.

Maria (45) Marathon

1:38 - 1:12 in 3 years

No increase in training hours

Angela (38) Marathon

1:42 - 1:28 in 1 year

Only been on skates 18 months!

Klaus (39) Marathon

1:19 - 1:06 in 2 years

Only been on skates 3 years

Lukas (20) Marathon

1:25 - 1:02 in 2 years

Mike (45) 10 mile

35 - 31min in 1 year

Now going even faster!

Trains only 6 days per week

And we know that times aren’t everything, results/places/podiums, medals, and wins also mean something…. And the highlights are that we have World Masters champions, 3 skaters on the podium at World and European Masters (9 medals in all), and several skaters on the podium at “Le Mans 24”.

The process is proven; we go A LOT faster each year.

To get the most improvement you can and get the most effective guidance for YOUR life and YOUR skating technique click the picture below...

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