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3x125 Frame review

We've been testing some 125 frame set-ups, and will continue to do so in the search for even more speed. There's been a lot of discussion about 125mm set-ups over the past 18 months. In fact, there's been so much discussion about so many issues regarding height, safety, grip, etc etc that most people have forgot one very important thing... are they faster? Well, the simple answer is yes. If you have the skills and stability to handle the extra few millimetres of height, even at the end of the race when your leafs are burning, then yes, 3x125 is faster. It's that simple.... But anyway, to the frames...


12.6" / 320mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across 12.2" / 310mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across

Powerslide's Vi Aluminium was the first to be seen as a 3x125 set-up. As market leaders, and pioneers, it was easy and cheap for Powerslide to produce, and therefore functioned perfectly as a "market feeler" product, just testing out the water to see customers reaction to the 3x125 concept. It's a good frame, especially if you like your frames with a little more flex then this is the frame for you. It's also pretty light. But be aware, a flexible frame combined with a relatively short wheel base (even the longer 12."6 model is still significantly shorter than the current standard of 13.2" if you are skating on 4x110's) will mean you have a very lively feeling under your foot. it was definitely too unstable and "squirly" for me. However, even with prototype wheels of "questionable quality" (as all prototype products are) back in the end of 2013, the 125 set up and these frames proved to be faster than 4x110. It begged the question; "How much faster will we go on 3x125's with developed wheels and a super-stiff frame?" The answer, I suspect, is coming in spring 2016.

12,6" / 320mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across Powerslide's Triple-X3, 3x125 was the next to be seen, the stiffer 'big brother' to the Vi Aluminium. It ticks all the boxes, it's not too heavy, it's stiff like all the Triple-X models, and it's not too high. In my opinion it's a bit too short at 12.6", but this won't bother most people. It's a good frame at a good price, but I can't help thinking it could be just 1 or 2 mm lower, a little stiffer, and a little lighter. I wonder what Powerslide have in store for us in 2016?

12,4" / 315mm or 12,8" / 325mm, 3x125mm (or 4x100), 195mm across 13,2" / 335mm, 3x125mm (or 4x110), 195mm across CadoMotus Competition Transformer is a frame made with perfect timing. It doesn't have the DualBox tech, so it is cheaper than their elite frame, and it has the AWESOME ability to take both 3x125 wheels and 4x110. WHY is this awesome? Well, right now some people are a little "undecided" about 125's. So offering the option to choose wheels without having to change your frames is great. The other reason it's awesome os because tight now there is only really one type of 125 wheel on the market (Matter One20Five wheel), so this means when it rains, you suddenly have to change to rain wheels (Atom Boom or Storm Surge, in our humble opinion), but with most 3x125 frames this also means you have to change your frames. How annoying is that! So with this frame, if it rains 3 minutes before the start of your race, then no panic, you just change your wheels. AWESOME! This frame is made to be a "beginner frame", but CadoMotus's frames are the stiffest on the market, and even this "rookie" frame is stiff enough for me to skate on at speed.

12,8" / 325mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across CadoMotus DualBox5 is the pro edition of their frames. It's the longest of the available elite frame, most other companies seem to be going for 12.6" or some even 12.4". Of course companies are making frames for the "average majority" so they sell as many as possible, and a 12.6" frame or a 12.8" frame will suit most people. But if you're over about 6' tall (1.83m) or have a foot size 45 or larger (10.5 UK, or 11.5 US) then you're gonna need a longer frame. A shorter frame, like 12.8" combined with long legs and big feet will mean that you probably 'S' more than before on the straight aways, and this will reduce your technical yearning meaning your top sped will be slower. Secondly, you may be more unstable in the corners, slipping more easily because your weight is shifting over the front of the back of the contact points of the wheels more frequently. This frame is super-stiff, in the beginning it feels a little 'dead' because it is so stiff, but you'll get used to that after a couple of weeks, and then you'll be able to feel solid and secure on this frame.

12,6" / 320mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across

(although the version I'll be testing will be 13.4" long, because I have big feet and long legs) Other manufactures are beginning to catch up, Bont are bringing out a 3x125 frame, along with other manufacturers. In June we'll be testing the new EO Carbon 3x125 (pictured above), we know it will be super light, and if it's goes the same was as the other EO frames it will be super low and very stiff. If you're planning on going up the hill at Le Mans 24 hour this summer, then maybe a 3x125 set-up is for you? 3 wheels are lighter than 4 and the roll down the hill will be better, as long as you can handle the extra 8mm height... for 24 hours.

12,9" / 328mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across

Other manufactureers are joining the race, including Liberty Sports, and Simmons Racing. The LSR Vanquish (shown in the picture above) is 12.9" long and with a height of 113.85 overall deck height, it's not a low profile frame, but in some areas of the skating world there is a theory that more height gives you more leverage during the stroke. The Simmons frame, "7075 T6 aluminum" is coming soon, and is also not low profile.

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