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I know you hate it....

*We hate it, but we get it done anyways!

So, no long stories... just black and white reasons for stretching...

1. You'll be faster!

If your muscles stretch and contract more easily, then you can move faster and with less resistance from the 'antagonistic' muscle/s.

And as if that wasn't enough of a reason already, here's some more....

2. Injury!

It's prevent chronic injury. As we skate, our body get's out of balance. Skating is not a normal position. And if we go around corners a lot then it's even more imbalancing. Stretch (and symetrical strength training) are essential.

3. Recovery!

There's mixed evidence about the effects of recovery as far as recovery is concerned. However, you know you feel better the next day if you've stretched out properly. So even the mental effects are worth it.

Now if you're still bnot convinced, and don't value going faster, avoiding injury or recovering faster, then the last one is for you...

4. Pro!

You're gonna look very professional if you are the first one to start stretching out at practice. So get it done, and put those other "amateur guys" to shame.

Note: The science behind stretching is 'sketchy' at best. So here's some common sense advice, from what I've learnt over the years:

Don't stretch too hard or long immediately before or after a hard or long training session. If you do, you may decrease the effectiveness of the workout or delay recovery. Do your "hard and long" stretching session on a recovery day, or many hours before or after the hard sessions.

Stretching little and often can often be more effective than a hard stretching session once a week.

Dynamic stretching and mobility training are both far better than static stretching immediately before a hard training session, and arguably afterwards also.

FEEL your body! Where do YOU need to stretch. This can be very different to somebody else.

Catcha next time,


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