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Bart Swings, new world record, 125’s and many personal bests…



So Berlin typically marks the end of the outdoor season for most people, with a festival of skating in beautiful and stylish Berlin. This year 6600 skaters, still the biggest marathon in the world. Yet another great event with the highlight being Bart Swings new world record of 56:48. A truly astonishing performance particularly because he skated a lot of the race alone and despite bad asphalt, tram lines, sharp corners and a stiff breeze he still smashed it. By the way, Berlin is not a fast marathon because of the course,it's not got super-fast smooth asphalt, it's not the easiest of shapes, .... it's a fast marathon because of the numbers of people in groups co-operating and sharing the work ... but Bart skated alone for 15km, and only in a group of 3 for 15km. And still skated a new world record.

A break-away of three strong skaters, Bart, Gary Hekman and Francisco Jose early in the race but then with 15 km left to go, after several attempts, Bart breaks-away alone and Gerry couldn’t quite close the gap this time. He finished nearly 4 minutes ahead of Gerry and Francisco, and nearly 7 minutes ahead of the main bunch. WOW.

At least the top 3 in both men and women were on 3x125's, and many many more were also.... There simply were hundreds of skaters on 125's. ... and guess what, 1000 people didn't crash and die on the new "dangerous big wheels". Actually, it was just about a normal marathon in terms of crashes. Although it was clear from some people's technique that they should maybe re-consider their choice. But that's up to the individual, I guess. Just as it was on 110's.

Sk8skool also made new personal records at Berlin with Thomas (age 44) skating 1:07 in his first race in the A group. In 2011 Thomas was a "lost master" training completly ineffectively and skating a frustrating 1:22 in Berlin. Now he's true 'A' pack material. And was the fastest Danish master at Berlin this year. He'll be hoping to skate 1:05 next year, with the plan we have made for his personal progression through to next season.

Kevin (Sk8skool) improved by 11 minutes from 1:32 to 1:21, and was 665 places further forward, despite being the best in his start group and "pulling" not just "riding" to a faster time. He's only been in Sk8skool for 4 months, and has been making great progress. And Michel from Sweden also made a personal record of 1:19. All Sk8skool members improving their Personal Best times.

What's the key to our success in Sk8skool? ... we are experienced specialists in coaching masters skaters. We understand the challenges of life, work, family and of learning new techniques now that you are not 21 anymore. In addition to this we have an understanding and strategies to balance your training now that your recovery rate is slower than those young elite guys.

We recently had personal bests from some of or other athletes at Northshore and great results and podiums at NYC Marathon also, with Rachel Adkins, Candy Wong and Marie Snyder.

While this is the end of the outdoor season for most people some of our skaters race outdoor all year around. Mike and Kevin in CA will be racing at Silverstrand in November. Oscar in Spain skates outdoor all year around as does Joao in Brazil. Our other members will start indoor skating slideboard offskate and core training to build an even better foundation through the winter, so as to insure an even higher performance again, next summer.

How will you improve your preparation through tthe winter months, ready for the season start in March ... which will come round sooner than you beliebe. 5 months is a very short time in terms of transforming your body, strength, skills etc.)

Personal coaching can help you be more effective. Every top athlete has peronal coaching. Even Bart has a perosonal coach. They don't just learn it randomly from YouTube videos or tips. The have a planned, structured progressive program that is tailored to THIER needs and progression rate. You canbenefit fromt his too.

Sk8skool ONline. Personal coaching for speedskaters.... on the internet.

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