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Sk8skool's Coach Sooty helped write the Coach Education System for the Federation of Inline Speed Skating in the UK back in 1998, after qualifying through numerous coach education levels throughout the '90's. He wrote the Coach Education System for the Danish Rollerskating Federation in 2004. Large parts of this are still in place and still being used.


Sk8skool's Coach Sooty has been skating for 35 years, coaching for 24 years, and has been a professional sports teacher in high school and a sports academy since 2002.

He has raced in over 20 countries, been to 11 World championships and 10 European Championships. Coach Sooty is currently coach for skaters in 11 different countries on 4 different continents, with massively different cultural habits and daily routines.

He was a professional speedskater from 1994 - 1999.


Sk8skool's Coach Sooty has a University degree in Sports Science, a Teaching Degree in Physical Education, and 27 other coaching qualifications in many other sports, from his University education.

Coaching is the art of communication and explaination, to help people understand new concepts of technique, biomechanics and training theory. This educational background is a vital stepping stone to excell in helping others skate fast.


World Masters Champion 2011

(picture right)

Winner Berlin Half Marathon 2005 (picture right below)

European Masters Champion 2005

53 times British Champion

13 times Danish Champion

As for success as a coach, see the colomn on the right, next to this article. That's just a short summary of current successes.

On top of that, in 2003, as National Coach for Denmark, the team won the ​very first medals ever for Denmark at the European Championships; 3 Bronze medals (2 individual, and the relay). We repeated that succes in 2004 also. In 2002 Denmark had never before had medals. Actually, Denmark had only ever had a couple of top 10's. So 6 medals in 2 years was a revelation. Denmark has now gone on to be a small but powerful force in speedskating.


Totally professional. Coach Sooty is a full-time speedskating coach, this is his only job, this is his passion, this is his life. ​

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