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USA Clinics February

Double Push

Power Box

Technical Gearing

San Francisco 21st Feb

Las Vegas 27th Feb

San Diego 6th March

Sk8skool will be visiting California and Nevada between 11th February and 9th March. We'll be holding two clinics;

San Francisco 21st Feb 9:30-3:15 Canada Road - $40/person ($50 on the day) There will be a lunch break in the middle. Please bring your own lunch with you, or maybe we will find a restaurant. Please contact John Crysdale to ask questions and/or sign up.

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Las Vegas 27th Feb 10 - 4 - $65/person ($110 on the day) There will be a lunch break in the middle. Please bring your own lunch with you. Please contact Coach Sooty to ask questions and/or sign up.

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San Diego 6th March 9:30-3:15 - $40/person ($50 on the day) There will be a lunch break in the middle. Please bring your own lunch with you, or maybe we will find a restaurant. Please contact Glenn Koshi to ask questions and/or sign up.

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We've just added another clinic to our trip... Las Vegas! ... in connection with the unfortunate cancellation of “Las Vegas Inline World Cup”, Sk8skool and Dennis King are trying to arrange a one day Sk8skool Clinic for those skaters that still intend to travel to Las Vegas anyway, and indeed for any skaters who are interested and in the area. The proposed clinic will go ahead on Saturday 27th February, from 10am - 4pm. The clinic will include skate drills for technique break down and improvement, top speed drills, acceleration drills and a skate tour at the end. Registration and payment before 21st February = $65 / skater Registration and cash payment on the day = $110 / skater. If you are at all interested in the Sk8skool Clinic, then pease reply to Coach Sooty before Saturday 7th February at Midnight., just so we can get a rough idea of number before we go only further is planning and organising the event. "One-2-One" Private Coaching: If you would like a "One-2-One" 1 hour private coaching session, with Coach Sooty, professional coach, ex-prof. speedskater, and masters world champion, then we can arrange this before or after the clinic, or on another convenient day if you prefer. The normal price is $80 (€75) read here. But the special Cali-Tour price is just $60, and if you participate in one of the clinics then we reduce it further to just $50. Just write to Glenn/John, or ask Coach Sooty himself.

Clinic Content: The clinics will cover some basic techniques that most skaters are imperfect at, but that can give a great deal of speed if executed in the correct manner. This demands a thorough explaination, and this is something that Sk8skool prides itself on; explaining the smallest details of complicated bio-mechanics in an understandable way. We will also look at how to get more speed from our 'Power Box' but with less effort. Another aspect we will cover is the concept of 'Technical Gearing' and how to use our bodies and skates in different ways in different situations, to achieve greater speed. We will obviously be covering (and clearing up some misconceptions) about how to Double-Push effectively, and explaining how and why it works.

These are just a couple of examples of the content, the rest is top secret, you'll have to come and find out ;) We hope to give you enough new information, and new drills to keep you busy in practice for the next few months. We'll also have time for a question and answer session at the end to expalain and/or demonstrate anything YOU want to know.

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Two of the SoCal skaters (LA and OC) are currently Sk8skool members, receiving both ONline personal coaching and occasional in-person coaching from Sooty, and this is what they have to say:

Kevin Stapleton: Sooty is a great technician and teacher. I did a 1 hour session with him in February and saw immediate results, then have been working with him regularly since. My technique has improved significantly, and my marathon time improved 11 minutes. I went 1:21 in Berlin, even after taking all of June off for a family vacation. I've been to his seminars, and think anyone could benefit from them, regardless of level. Sooty also offers coaching packages to suit your needs, as little, or as much as they are.

Mike Patchen: I am a firm believer in standing on the shoulders of giants. Not only to get up to speed quickly with a new skill or interest, but to actually learn how to do something correctly. Coach Sooty is definitely that person for me. In the 2 short years I’ve worked with him, my technique and speed have improved dramatically. Just last weekend I was able to average 22mph for 42min with my skate group. In that same workout last year, I could barely last 20min. My gains are quickly multiplying and the best is yet to come!


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