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9 good reasons to get a personal coach

9 good reasons to get a peronal coach

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Sk8skool delivers these principles in it's daily coaching and it's weekly training programming for all it's skaters.


Personal coaching is popluar like never before, and for good reason. More and more people are discovering the advantages of getting expert help from a skilled and specialised personal coach.
#1 Results:

Whether you want to loose weight, get fit, be stronger, go faster or be better at sport, personal coaching is the best and fastest way to results. There are many examples that underline this and if you ask people, then they confirm they have had a personal coach. Personal coaching just gets results faster.

#2 Responsibiity:

One of the best reasons to get a personal coach is that you have someone who is responsible for your training. If you have said to yourself that you will train 3 times per week, it is very easy to 'forget' if you are tried or at work, or it's raining. But if you have an agreement with your coach, then it's another story. The same applies if you are doing a program that your coach has written for you. Then you are more motivated to do it, becuase you have responsibility to someone for their work.

#3 Motivation:

A personal coach can help you stay motivated, sometimes with a polite push, or sometimes a kick in the ass when you need it. Many believe that they should be motivated to start training, but not true actually. It seems so impossible to get started. But most find that the motivation comes to them when they have already got in to it. A personal coach can give you extra motivation in the beginnng when you have most need for it. When you can see progression then it becomes fun, even though it's hard. And this is essential to maintain high motivation.

#4 Attention:

If you are in a group and there are 19 other who requie attention from the coach, then this means you get approxiamtely 3 minutes per hour of attention, (IF the coach is good at coming around and giving advice on technique.) With a personal coach you get full attention, all the time.

#5 Expertise:

A personal coach has often a specialist area. It could be weight loss, strength, speed or technique. Regardless of your own goal, you can find a personal coach with the expertise that match your goal.

#6 Inspiration:

Many people that train have a tendency to train the things they find most enjoyable (either knowingly or unknowligly). A personal coach can give you re-newed inspiration, suggest new exercises, drills, and ways to train. It's a good idea to change exercises, training regimes and methods to maintain development and avoid injury.

#7 Technique:

If your technique is not so good, then there's a big risk for injury (and loosing speed). Even if you don't get injured then your development will be limited, because you won't be effective. A personal coach can help you optimise your technique, avoid injury and ensure development.

#8 Lifestyle change:

Recently there has been great focus on lifestyle change instead of quick-fix solutions. This demands that you develop better daily habits. A personal coach can help you discover where YOU should focus, to achieve YOUR goals. (Including stress, sleep, diet, and phsyical activitiy.) Your health and training (and therefore speed) are dependant on much more than how often you train and what you eat.

#9 Investment:

Personal coaching is an investemnt in yourself, with low risk and big benefits. A good personal coach will "teach you to fish, instead of giving you a fish". You will be able to continue by yourself, because you have learnt how to train and learnt technique and maximise your development.

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