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"How does that feel?"

Over the past few years Sk8skool’s target group for coaching has been “Masters Athletes”. We've had a lot of success with masters so far, 9 medals at Masters Euro's and World's. (you can see more in the colomn on the right) .... and we will continue to do so.

How does that feel?

It doesn't matter how much experience you have, it can be years of racing and years of coaching, but you've only ever really experienced YOUR body, and your perception of any event. That's why, the most important question you can ask a skater is; "How did that feel?". It doesn't matter if we are talking about skating a corner, or doing a sprint, or trying to learn a new technique, or weight lifting, jumping, racing strategy.... The most important question is to ask how the athlete felt it, or how they experienced it. Sure, in the beginning most kids (even some adults) will give very simple feedback, because they really don't know what to say... but eventually they learn to ask themselves this question before they skate, and then they can answer better afterwards and learn to evaluate. This is all a part of the learning process in Sk8skool, and which is why REALLY learning this beautiful sport takes so long. As a friend of mine always says; "You don't know, what you don't know, until you reach out to someone else for input".

Coaching athletes of any age is rewarding in so many ways; personal development, that "moment of understanding" in their eyes, that moment of achievement. One of the obvious ways it's rewarding is when they have success, whether that is achieveing their own goals, or winning medals. Sk8skool has had much success with coaching younger athletes and preparing them for track events (EIC), European Championships and World Championships.

Rasmus Steffensen wins 2 bronze medals at the European Championships in Holland 2003. We also won the bronze medal in the relay in 2003.

Denmark had never before won a medal. And only once finished in the top 10, ever. And then we took home 3.

Denmark (Martin, Rasmus and Mattias) takes the Bronze medal at Europeans 2004

Rasmus wins in Gross Gerau, both the race, and overall title. 2004

Oliver wins for Sk8skool in Zandvoorde 2011 (Flanders Grand Prix). He wins the race, and the overall title.

Martin wins the Bronze in the 500m sprint, Europeans 2004.

Martin also takes a hard earned bronze in the 5000m points race.

Lukas looking REALLY good now aged 20, but at age 15 when he began in SK8skool he wasn't quite there yet. At age 17 skates 1:02 in Berlin Marathon and finishes with the main professional pack, after training 2 years with Sk8skool.

National coach for Denmark, 2 years, 6 medals, 15 top 10 places.

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