• Coach Sooty

Only 12 weeks until the season begins!

Only 12 weeks until the season opener in Berlin. So if you want to have even a hint of form by then, now is the last chance to get started. If you've already done "Winter 1 training" (Nov+Dec) then you should have a reasonable base condition, strength and stability platform to launch from after have a little down time over Christmas.

Even if you have rain, cold, snow etc. You can still make considerable preparations for your skating season. This does not mean ON skates. This means with many different training methods; Core, stabilty, Spinning, Indoor skating, Slideboard and more....

However, good planning is essential. Very soon the official race calendars will be announced, and you can finalise your season planning. This means beginning your planning now. Strength periods, Endurance periods, Threshold periods, race/travel periods and rest periods all need to be thought out. So at least the next 3 months should be planned in detail, and 9 months planned in skeleton form.

Our Sk8skool members have all been working hard through Winter 1, and are ready to get on with Winter 2 and pre-season preparations in the most effetcive way possible. What you do now, in the next 12 weeks will DRASTICALLY affect your race season from April to September. No doubt. Many races in July are won and lost in Jan/Feb. And this does not mean just doing "high volume training". Far from it. It's far more complicated than that, and we've been planning seasons for the last 25 years. Quality, technique, core, balance, stability an dstrength still play an important role... even more so if you can't get outdoor and skate.

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Le'ts go faster,

Coach Sooty

Lukas wins in Spreewald for Sk8skool.


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