• Coach Sooty

Skating Back Pain

Many skaters experience back pain whilst skaitng, some only in training , some only in races, and some in both. There are many solutions offered, and many myths. Our offering is to strengthen your posterior chain (since most fo the skating training and off-skate training is anterior chain dominant) with some simple exercises and focussed stretches, that take about 30 mins, 2 or 3 times a week. The important thing to understand si that you need to start this now, in Janury if you hope to have a signifanctly stronger back in time for the season in April. Yes, it takes at least 12 weeks.

Please be aware that the SPECIFIC technique used in these exercises is very important to the effectiveness of the process. Just bending your hips at the wrong moment, or not tightneing your core or flexing your back may render the exercises far less effective. This is why so many people have reached out to Sk8skool for personal coaching. We can offer prefessional, qualified and educated advice in ALL the aspects of prepartion for speedskating, with detailed pesonal feedback via live skype coaching or video analysis. Find out how here.

Alternate Horse Stance

Alternate Scorpions Twist

Alternate Superman

Cat Stretch

The McKenzie Manouver


Reverse bridge on ball

Reverse One-leg bridge

Mid-quad stretch

Hip-flexor stretch

Lateral chain stretch

General mobility (side-bends + rotation)


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