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It's difficult to communicate passion on a website. It's probably best done in pictures and video. ... so here's a few words, pictures and video about my passion for skating.....

Empathy; some might say that it is seriously lacking in the modern word, with so much social media and 'millenial attitude' focussed on "me". But empathy is what gives me my passion for skating and my passion for coaching, my excitement when YOU achieve your goals. I just love it when people have success.

Picture above: Passionate about the detail.

Passing on knowledge to a skater, it's is an amazing experience. That moment when it just "clicks" inside a skaters' head, and they "just get it", is awesome. You can see it in their eyes, and in their smile. You can see that behind their eyes, soemthing just happened, and they're still thinking about, still engaging with that moment when they underatnd the consequences of this new feeling or knoweldge, you can see they FEEL something new that they never discovered before. That's coaching. That's why I do it. That's whty I love it.

A similar feeling is winning relay (picture right) races together with some of the people I have coached. It's one of the best experiences you can have, because you simultaneously achive your own goals AND help others achieve theirs. Everyone gets that 'buzz''. And anyone with an ounce of empathy will get this 'buzz' feeling.

My passion has lasted for 34 years, and it grows year on year. I never thought I would love the sport more now than I did 25 years ago when I was racing age 19. But I do. I understand it more, and find the intricacies more interesting, and the detail more exciting. I just love this sport. Simple. And I love to coach people, talk about skating, talk about technique, talk about intervals. I'm very very lucky to do what I love all day, all week. I take pride in what my athletes achieve, and the progression they make, on whatever level they are at.

Mike (Sk8skool member) in California said something to me last month, that made me think… “People just have to meet you, and then they feel the passion and the depth of knowledge. You just have to be around people and then they learn so much".

Click the video to watch "Just be" ("sometimes, it's not about the winning")

See more skating videos here.

So WHO is suitable for ONline coaching? Well, if you're read this website, then you are probably interested in skating, and in going faster, so YOU are suitable, Our experience shows that the best responders to online coaching are people between the age of 20 and 55, logically minded, organised and somewhat disciplined, from beginner to Elite... But the most important factor which can over-ride all of these other factors is that you want to go faster, that you are passionate about skating. If you love to skate, then we can help you go faster.

Right now in Sk8skoolONline we have skaters who are as young as 23 and up to 52; we have marathon skaters, track skaters, indoor skaters, with goals from national champs, Euro's, Worlds, A2A, ESS, Berlin, IDN, ODN, and Le Mans 24, with ability levels ranging from beginner, intermediate, fitness, speed, advanced and elite. From marathon skaters who want to do 1:47, and some what want to do 1:02 in Berlin. We have indoor skaters that want to achieve an 8.4s lap and go to IDN, and some that want to achieve their first 11s lap. We have track skaters that want to do a 25s 300m, or a sub 15min 10km points, and some that want to go sub 30s or sub 18mins. All ranges, all levels, alle skaters, the common factor is they want to be faster, and we love to help them. Just like you.

Picture right above:

One more win, in the bag. A relay race at the national championships, ... relays are th emost satisfying t win with a team :)

Picture right:

Explaining "relaxed power" to Kasper at Gross Gerau international Criterium 2004.

Picture right:

Almost always smiling when I'm skting... even a couple of minutes before a big race start, when I'm nervous.

The most difficult thing is to show you on a web page how much we care about skating, and about your future performances. But when you talk to us on Skype/FaceTime, when you hear our reviews of your skating, you feel our excitemnt when you achieve that technique you'd been battlig with, or that goal you'd been fighting for. We share yoru passion. We love to skate, and we love to coach, hence our chosen career. We care about your satisfaction, and about how fast you skate. This is what we are passionate about; you skating faster and acheieving those goals that you dream of. This is what excites us. This is what we live and breath for...

You can get a free trial of our coaching passion right now, just click here.

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