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Not enough time to SKATE? Read this...

Over 30 years of coaching, I’ve heard some good excuses for not training, or for not being able to do a technique or a drill or an exercise, or jada jada jada….

So we hope you enjoy the list of excuses and crazy comments that we’ve complied for you, and we hope you take them light heartedly and laugh a little, we’ve all done it, heard them, and some have said them… but maybe not THESE exact ones… You can add your own “classic excuses” at the bottom of the page, the crazier the better... Here's ones I've heard:

“I can’t lean to the left, because my car keys are in my right back pocket”.

… a few mins later, after removing the keys from the pocket …

“That’s better, now it’s going better, now I can lean again.”

“I think I need to clean my bearings again, I can’t hear them”

“I can’t do it, it’s difficult”

“I can’t go any faster, I think my wheels are square”

Them: “Why is it so damn slippy.”

Me: “Ummm…. it’s raining”

"I can’t come to training today because…."

“The dog ate my skates”

Them: “I can’t find one of my wheels”

Me: “Don’t you have another set of wheels?”

Them: “Yes, but my OCD won’t let me use them until I find the missing one”

Me: 😆

Them: “I‘m not coming skating today because it might rain.”

Me: "But it’s not raining, the sun is shining”.

Them: “Yes, but it MIGHT rain”

Me: “Head explodes” 😭

“My grandma washed my skinsuit, and the machine melted holes in it.”

“I have to baby sit my rabbit!”

“Sorry, I can’t come to training, I have to mow the lawn”

Them: I can’t come to training today”

Me: “Okidokey, why not?”

Them: “I have a puncture”

Me: “On your car? or bike?”

Them: “On my skates”

Me: “What? Your wheels don’t have air in them”

Them: No texts for 3 days. Red face at next training session.

Them: “I can’t come to training, I’ve hurt my knee”

Me: “Ok, damn, how di you hurt it? Are you ok?”

Them: “Errrm, Pause, … I hurt it in bed”

Me: 😳 End of discussion LOL :)

Them: “I’m not coming today it’s too windy”

Me: “We’re skating indoor today”

Them: “Doh!”

Me: “See you later”

“One of the kids throw up in my left skate”

Them: “Can’t make it to training today” (in Denmark)

Me: “Ah, ok, why not?”

Them: “I’m in Moscow”

Me: “Good call” 😜

Them: “Can’t make it to training today I over slept”

Me: “Training starts at 4pm”

Them: “Yeah.”

Me: 😳 I died a little inside. lol

To get back to the original theme off this post “No time to skate”, I’ll repeat a what a Sports Psychologist (5 times Olympic Team Psychologist) told me when I was working as National Coach for the Danish Team from 2002 - 2005…

“Everyone gets 168 hours per week. (24 hours x 7 days) Everyone. The president of the USA gets 168 hours per week to run the country, the guy that organises the Olympics gets 168, you get 168, and I get 168 hours per week. People that “don’t have enough time for skating” fall in to two categories: 1. Those that are bad at planning their life, and waste too much time with low priority tasks, or 2. People that have chosen that other things are a high priority than skating.

So when someone says they don’t have time to skate, it only means they have chosen other things are more important to them. It’s a choice.”

It's impossible to "make time", but you can make decisions that give you more free time, or give you more time to skate by doing less of other things. I know this sounds simple ut is difficult in real life.

So let me give you a personal example of a decision I made 2 yearas ago that has given me a lot more free time. I simply sold my TV. Yes, I never watch TV. If there's something important i want to see, it's usually on Netflix, or on Europsport player, or I can stream it. But it takes a concious choice to do it, and I don't loose endless hours just "flicking channels", I've killed that habit. Just an example of one simple decision.

Just food for thought...

Let's go faster

Coach Sooty


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