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Brett's story in Sk8skool

​Brett lives in Dunedin, New Zealand, and has been skating for over 35 years, and at a pretty high level for most of those years. Sk8skool started working with Brett, and we shook things up a little bit, and just looked at his training and training life, from a different perspective. To be completely honest, when we get a new client in Sk8skool, we have so much experience, that it’s normally pretty easy to find areas to work on, changes to make, and get people skating faster than they already are… But when someone has as much experience of skating, coaching and training as Brett, then it takes a little more thought, and we have to be a bit more precise. Nevertheless, we almost immediately found several things that Brett could do better, even with his 35 years of experience. That’s what we are proud of, that we are good at finding YOUR weakest links, and finding the marginal gains, or indeed core gains. After only 6 months we (and he) can see significant gains in speed, especially acceleration and top speed, as his results from he recent Oceania Championships show. He took 2 gold and 3 silvers, beating the 2012 World Masters Champion, Michele Cico Cicognani. We are looking forward to the next 12 months, we expect Brett to be REALLY flying.

Here’s what Brett has to say:

I made contact with Coach Sooty at Sk8skool ONline, a little over 6 months ago, I seemed to have reach a plateau with my skating and I still had a few skating goals to achieve, I "knew" I need to change something to improve or at least stave off my advancing age :) (48 years old)

I also knew that online coaching can work really well as I myself coach cyclists “online”. I have mostly coached myself the past 35 years.. yes 35 years of skating, and now I get a coach! I knew that I was not able to objectively coach myself anymore, you can make excuses and even subconsciously move away from the things that make you uncomfortable… If I wanted to improve even further and make a fresh start… things needed to change!

Sooty immediately got to work, breaking down my technique, he explained the many drills and methods he used very clearly, many concepts became clear to me that I had been unable to fully understand before, Sooty is very good at this.

My workout schedule was less time/mileage than before.. but as time went by I began to see my performances in training and racing starting to come back to what they were in my younger years.. at 48 years old I am now skating as fast as at any time before and this has been achieved by training less! At first I was sceptical, I had never trained so little when trying to improve, always asking Sooty if I was doing enough, (Sooty often had reassuring words for those times) … but its now clear that he knows what he is doing and understands the demands/bodies of "mature" athletes. As I type this I am one week out from my season goal.. I am tapering and fully prepared and in the past 7 days I have made some nice PB's in both sprint and distance skating.. I am ready to perform!

So thank you Sooty.. I fully recommend Sk8skool ONline to anyone looking to improve, the coaching is "real”, the technology today is amazing.. a guy in England is my personal coach 20,000 kilometers away! .. and its working very well indeed.

Brett McCormack

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