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Progression is one of the main goals of all training, (along with fun, social interaction, etc.) Be it strength, speed, endurance or skill. We all want to be stronger, faster, go further or have better skills.

But what if you're not improving as much as you'd like? Have you plataued? And why? Or is your training routine just stale? or maybe you just need outside input? Stimulation? Excitement, motivation? Or professioanl advice?

Well, let's take some concrete examples, and then lets look at the the theory of progression.

If last month you could do 20 one-leg squats non-stop, and this month you can still only do 20, or maybe 21. Then that's not really improvement. So what's going on? Why no progression during this block of training?

If you could skate 10km in 18 minutes, and now you are skating the same, why no improvement?

If your best marathon time has been +/- 10 mins the past few years, then why so little improvement?

It can be one or more of the following reasons; because your training volume (too much or too little), training intensity (too high or too low), recovery, or life-style is ineffective, or limiting you. Probably in ways you don't realise... because as a very wise man once said; "You don't know, what you don't know, until someone tells you".

If you are training in a group, and doing the same as everyone else, and doing the same routine as last month, and prety much the same as last year. Then this is why you're not improving. Repeating the same is not effetcive. And doing the same as everyone else is not what's effective for YOU.

First you need to understand and believe in one principle, deeply... "Training makes you slower, recovery makes you faster." But you need to understand this AND apply it to your life and your training. You need ot underdtand that it is possible to train just a little bit too much, and kill any improvemement you may have hoped for. (This is called "over-reaching".) If this wasn't true, then this would be true instead "The more you train, the faster you go".

And this is most certainly not true.

We take this thoery very seriously in Sk8skool, we are very careful to avoid over-reaching. By communicating with our athletes on a regular basis, and monitoring their energy levels, motivation levels, and progression, we carefully guide them to improvements even they didn't expect or belive could happen. Here's some examples below from the last few months:

Sk8skool has been working with Brett in New Zealand for the past 6 months. And in his words; "I feel like I'm not doing enough", and "I've never done so little training volume". Yes, he train less than before. He saves time and energy. What's the results? Brett just smashed many of his personal records, skating faster than ... Read Brett's story here.

Jamie is 33 and came to Sk8skool in Aug 2014. He had not skated for 12 years and wanted to return to skating with a bang. We could see that Jamie was not in need of life-style coaching, only inneed of technical drills and some specific strength exercises to tackle some weak links in his kinetic chains. We set him a program that tackled this and we saw results within 6 months. Training almost secretly from August to March '15, he returned to racing at the British Indoor championships and won 3 gold and one silver in the Senior Men category (18+). He became the fastest indoor skater in Britain, and retains this title today one year later, by winning 3 godl and one bronze last week. We are confident in his progression and our coaching process and expect him to improve yet again outdoor this season, just like EVERY other athlete in Sk8skool. We are quite proud that EVERY athlete in Sk8skool is improving rapidly right now, it's quite a unique position to be in.

What is stopping you from trying to train smarter, train less, and go faster? You can get professional personal coaching right here, click one of the boxes to see more details:

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