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This was just a newsletter tip that went out last week, but I have had such a positive response from this little tip that I have made it in to a little article for everyone.

Hi Sk8skool newsletter readers,

I often have to teach people how to tie their skates. Yes, I know, pretty basic, huh? But, it's not as simple as you might think. This is because we are taught from the beginning that you need strong ankles or at least "ankle support" in our skates. Well, this is true if you are on fitness skates and a beginner. But SPEEDskate boots are deigned NOT to give you ankle support. They are designed to give you FOOT support. i.e. below the ankle joint). This is because the boot makers assume (correctly) that if you are buying SPEEDskate boots then you have mastered SPEEDskating technique. This means, knees forward over your front wheel which "locks" your ankle joint and gives you control over your foot. i.e. your SKELETON supports your ankle, not the boot. And your skeleton is infinitely times stronger becuase it's an internals structure, and not a flimsy bit of plastic/carbon etc. on th eoutside of yoru body. You do not rely on the boot to stabilise your ankle. To this end, it's best to tie your laces lower, then this allows you to get your knees forward without being restricted by the laces.

If you need "boot support" above then ankle, then you shouldn't be on SPEED boots, you should be on semi-race, or fitness boots. And yes, I see it often that many people are on speed boots and they should be on something else.

Let's go faster

Coach Sooty

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Let's go faster

Coach Sooty


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