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Who's the best Marathon skater?

A more precise title to my article would be; "Who's the most consistent Marathon skater?" or "Who's the best Marathon skater over the whole season?"

To answer that question, Pascal Briand (8 times World Champion 1999 - 2005, Team Salomon Pro, general 'good guy' and part of the national coaching teams for France) has put together a virtual points system. This will help create more interest in marathon racing again, and get people thinking more about the events they participate in. Much like the EIC has done fro track skating. It's a great initiative. Please support and share.

You can read and 'like' the "Pro Roller Tour" here on Facebook (PRT = Pro Roller Tour).

And you can see the current, up-to-date "Virtual PRT Ranking" here .

As the positions stand at this moment in the middle of the season, Ewen Fernandez (Fra) is first, Patxi Peula Cabello (Esp) 2nd, and Felix Rijhnen (De) is in 3rd place in the mens Pro Tour Ranking. In the women's PRT; Katarina Rumpus is leading, Carlotta Camarin (Ita) is 2nd and Ana Odlazek is in 3rd place. You can see the top 150 places of men and women on the PRT website.

Here's the rules of the ranking, and the Pro Tour:

If you want to add a race, then send your suggestion to Pascal here: Pascal on Facebook.

Check it out.

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