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Progression is seldom linear...

Training, Technique, Strength, Condition, it's all just details when it's all going well. But when it's not going so good, when you have a bad day or even a bad month, that's when sports psychology and an objective logical empathetic coach can be essential. Goal setting, mental tools, sports psychology, critical thinking, evaluation, planning skills can all be used to handle those days when you FEEL that it's just not going well. (even though it might actually be going well).

Progression is never linear, so be prepared for that day it doesn't go so well, and take a look at the big picture... Maybe you've made progress over the last 12 months, but only this last week or two has not been so good? Maybe you just need to rest? Or maybe you have skipped too many session? Or maybe a the last race you were just unlucky this time? Having an objective person (i.e. someone who is not you and not only inside your head) is essential in helping you evaluate, rationalise, and plan the next step to ensure the overall progression is upward. i.e. to see the bigger picture and focus on the realistic positives of the situation, and of your performance.

This is where Sk8skool coaches really come in to their own; your club coach probably doesn't have the time or the desire to help you through these hard times, we DO have time to talk to you about your training, your personal life, your stress at work and your skating and guide you to the next level. Educated in Sports Science and Sports Psychology, we use many mental training techniques to improve overall performance (not just in skating, but in life also).

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