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Movement Re-patterning

What is "Movement Re-patterning"? "Movement Re-patterning" is a functional approach to rehabilitation for neuromuscular disorders and for movement dysfunction in adults. Breaking down the movement patterns in to segments, and re-programming the body to function more effectively. This movement re-patterning methodology has been developed to educate the neuromuscular and proprioceptive systems, not only on how to move, but how fast to move thereby enhancing movement efficiency, movement performance and injury prevention. Sk8skool adapts this process and uses some of the techniques to help adults change their technique on skates.

We will improve your skating technique, by using Sk8skool "Movement Re-patterning" method; using knowledge from physiotherapists and health care professionals who use "Movement Re-patterning" to help injured adults recover from injury/surgery, for neuromuscular disorders and for movement dysfunction. We've applied this knowledge to technique change in speedskating, as the process is similar. Read also our article about "Mental Plasticity" which will be published next weekend.

We focus on personal attention all the way through and in all of our coaching. Looking after our athletes is our number one priority. We are there for you when you need us.

Personal coaching for ANY type of skater on any level. Marathon, track, indoor, sprinter, distance skater, 24 hours. Novice to pro. 2 hour marathon to 1 hour marathon. Fun skater to serious athlete. It's not a crime to want to be better, and get help. Click the picture to find out more.

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