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Inline Speedskating articles are hard to find, and even harder to find the one you want on our blog because I've written so many. WIX doesn't offer a search facility so we have created an Index for you so you can at least browse quickly all the titles, and a one line description of our articles (over 100 articles so far... ).

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Skaters Review of Coach Sooty

A few comments about the coaching received from Sk8skool.

Technique Analysis

The battle to change technique... permanently... and in pressure situations, such as races.

Spring Training Camp Heerenveen

A short review and video of the Danish National Teams Spring training camp in Heerenveen, Holland.

Déjà vu... Danish National Coach

It is with great excitement that I can finally announce that I have signed a 3 year contract with "Rullesport Danmark" to be Danish National Coach ...

Technique Reviews

A short technique analysis and review of one of the Sk8skool members, Hannes.

Better at Berlin?

What is "Berlin Block", and how do you get over it?

Masters Worlds L'Aquila

A summary of what happened, what didn't happen, and what should have happened.

My Journey BACK to Speedskating

The story of how Coach Sooty got back to competitive speedskating after battling with a 5 year chronic degenerative back injury.

Déjà vu... Danish National Coach

It is with great excitement that I can finally announce that I have signed a 3 year...

Game Over

A sad day for me personally.

Flyke Neutrino 125 frame

A reviews of the latest 125 Flyke frame.

Personal Coaching Packages

Details of our coaching packages from Elite to beginner.

Try For Free

Try our personal coaching for free, just send of some info.

A New Adventure Starts in Lagos

As head coach of RTC Midden in Holland we started with a training camp in Lagos in february.

Mental Plasticity: Ice n Inline

Advantages of a multi-disciplinary approach to our sport. Psychology.

Guest contributor Phil Brojaka.

Don't Double Push!

A brief journey in to ice.

The Hard Work Starts Now

New Sk8skool members, off-season, winter training, try-for-free.

Worlds Marathons Nanjing

Report about the World Championships Marathons day, Jun/Sen/Masters, Organisational responsibility; FIRS, CIC, NanjingRS.

Vesmaco Tracks

The effect coated tracks, and the ban on parabolic tracks are having on the style of racing.

Worlds Report, Nanjing

The highlights and lowlights of the first 6 days of the World Championships.

Stop Thinking ... BE

Atmospheric skating video of how to just "let go" the stresses of modern life.

How Much Higher Really?

125 vs 110 deck heights, frame comparison,


How to handle crashing. How much is too much? And what to do about it.

Tartu Marathon and Half Marathon

Race report.

Doping in Inline? 21 Questions

A questionnaire about the level of doping.

125 Test update

MPC BBM, Bont Red Magic, Arma Armageddon, Matter One20Five, G13, Roll'x,

Sk8Camp 2017

Pictures, videos, information, registration and more.

Eat, Sleep, Skate, Repeat

Training intensity, training regularity, recovery, sleep quality.

Movement Re-patterning

Changing your technique.

Doping in Inline? Le dopage dans inline? El dopaje en la patinaje?

A questionnaire about the level of doping in 3 languages; Español, Français, English.

Inline for Olympics... REALLY?

The barriers, the reasons, the problems, and what needs to be done.

Brett's Story in Sk8skool

Focussed look at Brett McCormack's journey as a Sk8skool member.

Fuelling for Speedskating

How food affects inline speedskating, and how much of a priority is it?

Sk8Camp 2016

Sk8skool Summer Camp is a speedskating experience you will never forget! All levels of skater...

#EveryDayIsLegDay ... ???

Training meme's, hashtags, and training culture....

Progression is Seldom Linear

Don't expect a straight forward ride, training and the body are not that simple.

Core Training? Important? Really?

How important is core training? And how can we train it more effectively?

Happy Birthday Sk8skool

8 years old today. Workshops, Sk8Camp, Personal Coaching.

Simply Faster

Just how much faster can we help you go? See our improvement.

Provisional Sk8Camp Program 2016

Take a look at the SK8Camp content and program from 2016.

Feel and Listen to Your Skates

The ART of speedskating. Play with your skates and the body movement.

Personal Coaching, Sk8Camp, Workshops

Links to details about Coach Sooty and about what Sk8skool can offer you and your club.

Who's the Best Marathon Skater?

Review of the Pro Roller Tour, an overall points system for marathon skating.

Why Isn't Speedskating Growing?

Social media marketing, our NGB's and FIRS.

Slo-Mo Video

A really impressive slow-mo video of training at Ørestad in Denmark.

Improve Your Technique

Video analysis of technique in Sk8skool. How we communicate and help you go faster.

125's: We Have a Choice!

A detailed report of Matter One20Five vs Bont Red Magic Hardcore.

Custom Inline Boots

A focussed look at Custom Boots, and particularly Simmons boots.

Bart, Joey, Chad... THE TRUTH!

Mega-responders, non-responders... just how should WE train?

Top Tip from our Newsletter

You're probably timing your laces wrong.

I Know You Hate It...

Pro's and con's of stretching, and why we should.

Off-Skate - Before or After Skating?

The advantages and disadvantages of the timing of your off-skate (dry-land) session.

Skating is Nirvana?

Slowmo and Waldo in California!

Vive La France!

Polé Nantes, France 2013. Elite Talent Centre of French Speedskating. Arnaud Gicquel.

Go Faster!

Sk8skool Video Technique Series Teaser.

Wanna Go Faster?

Progression, super-compensation cycles; positive and negative.

Components of Success

Training planning, endurance, movement economy and speed.

Wheel Size and When to Change

When should adults get bigger wheels? And when should kids?

This is How It Works

How does ONline personal coaching work? This is how....

Sk8skool 'Next-Level' Workshops 2016

A guide to where in the world we're gonna be doing workshops in 2016

British Indoor Champs '16

A short summary of the champs at Maldon, from a Sk8skool perspective..

Not Enough Time to Skate? Read This...

Priorities, excuses and things to make you laugh and cry.

USA Inline Race Calendar '16

All of the outdoor, and some of the major indoor races in USA.

125: Mpc Tltf Bont Atom Mota Matter

Rule changes, and all other manufacturers scramble to join the 125 party.

Speedskating Passion

Describing passion for our sport. Video also.

USA Clinics February '16

Double-push, Power box, technical gearing. Workshops in Cali and Nevada.

Eat, Sleep, Skate, Repeat

We take a look at the recovery/super-compensation cycle, and how to improve it.

125mm YES! Si! Ja!

The Inline world goes BIG! 125mm allowed in marathons.

Skate Faster This Summer

Winter motivation, core training videos, off-skate and technique playlists.

Skating Back Pain

A series of videos of exercises to strengthen your back and stretch your back.

Now is the Time to Plan

Only 12 weeks to the season opener in Berlin. Time to get fast.

"How does that feel?" Coaching Success.

One of the most important questions you can ask an athlete is "How does that feel?".

9 Good Reasons to get a Peronal Coach

Everyone needs a personal coach. Even me!

Cadence. Bart's Cadence... And yours!

We analyse the effect of cadence, positive and negative and what this means for your technique.

Coach Sooty

Is your coach; qualified, experienced, educated, successful and professional?

Skate and Train Like a Pro? Or not?

Are you training wrong? Or copying someone else who is not like you?

Berlin '15

Bart Swings, new world record, 125’s and many personal bests…

3x125 Frame Review

We test 6 of the newest frames for 125's.

The Outside Edge: 100? 110? 125?

Why can't some people get on the outside edge? And how to tell which wheels you're ready for.

What the Skaters Say

A fe words from Sk8skool members who are now going faster.

How to Go Fast

Video. Proof that Sk8skool coaching REALLY works.

Stride Length vs Stroke Length

Definition. Use of both. Technical gearing explained.


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