• Sutton Atkins

Flyke Neutrino 125 frame

Sk8skool has a lengthy test procedure. It's not just "skate on them and see how they feel". We test indoor, on track and on road. We test on smooth, medium and rough asphalt, uphill an downhill. We motorpace testing behind a motorbike, we do top speed sprints, accelerations, long distances, and take times in all of those locations and types. We also skate alone, and in groups so as to get the best possible overview of how a wheel is in all situations. All of this has to be done on fresh legs, otherwise it means nothing. So this whole process can take up to 10 days... this is what we found....

So last month I've been testing the Flyke Neutrino 3x125 frame. 12.6" long (or 320mm). As Luis has told m many times, this was the frame that won the marathon world championships in China last September. Although as we all know, the legs have something to do with that also. But at least this means that the frame can not be a 'bad' frame. ... and its not. Its actually very good.

The frame has a 48mm deck height, is pretty light, and stiff. It responds well to pressure, and is very agile due to the short length. (12.6") For me personally, I would prefer it a bit longer, but then I am 2m tall with long legs and weigh 92kg. But for the vast majority of people this frame is going to be a good choice.


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