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Masters Worlds L'Aquila

Sk8skool is VERY proud of our skaters. in this particular article we focus on Krystine Davies and Brett McCormack.

Krystine won the World Masters Marathon 50+ women category last week. A strong perfromance to skate away on a slot breakaway to get the win emphatically.

Sk8skool has been coaching Krystine for a littleover a year. Her goal was precisely this; to win the world masters.

We've been working with Krystine's technique, her lifestyle, recovery and her thought processes (sports psychology). All this combined has meant that Krystine was able to achieve her goal. And we couldn't be more proud of her dedication and will power to do this.

Congratulations to Krystine.

Brett's story has been all over Facebook. A shocking outcome that raises big questions about this sports organisation and leadership. Brett won the World Masters Marathon 50+ mens category last week, but disorganisation and/or wilful manipulation means that Brett doesn't get the gold medal. The referees made too many mistakes to list here, but the short version is that they demanded that Brett do an extra 2 laps to the race even though he had clearly done the 19 laps required.

Brett contacted Sk8skool 2 years ago and said "I want to win the World Champs when I'm 50". With this in mind, and with massive dedication and consistency in training, Brett achieved his goal, only to have it taken away from him by disorganised judges. This is a travesty, and the feelings Brett must have right now are indescribable.

Over 2 years we had worked on Brett's training quality vs quantity. We'd drastically changed his technique, over many many months. We'd re-organised his strength training, his winter training, biking etc. Some major changes, and it really worked. Brett was the fastest and strongest skater in the world on that day. But he got some without a T'shirt.

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