• Sutton Atkins

"Berlin Block"?

Like many people, you may have skated your fastest time in Berlin this year. Congratulations! Berlin is the fastest marathon for many reasons. Some of those reasons are as follows; Relatively flat course, protected from the wind by buildings, large number of people giving always a pack to skate with (you almost never skate alone), high quality field of skaters, and there's always a pack that is juts a bit faster than you are comfortable with.

However, some people experience "Berlin block". They may have skated their fastest time a few years ago, and now they can't go any faster. This potentially applies to anyone who is skating anything from 1:03 to 1:50. They get the same time year after year, or maybe only improving by 2 or 3 mins each year. Why is this?

Well, if you are doing the same type of training each year, then you should expect the same results. If you have the same club-coach, or the same peer-group, then you should expect the same results each year. Only with outside input or another perspective should you expect things to change.

Same methods = Same results

Different methods = Different results

It's really that simple

This is what we do at Sk8skool; we challenge the norm, and set you off on a new direction. Giving inspiration and detail for your winter training, or your spring 'pre-season' preparation. 1st November marks the beginning of preparation for the 2018 season. And those that make the most progress in Berlin '19, are the one who begin learning new co-ordination, core skills, building base and focussing to be ready for Sept '19.

Sk8skool ONline grows each year, we now have 29 skaters in Sk8skool world-wide, with the majority of them focussed on Berlin marathon as the season highlight. This month we just had 3 new members join Sk8skool ONline; all 3 are focussed on Berlin already, having been slightly disappointed with this years result. They all want to beat their best time, and break their "Berlin Block".

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