• Sutton Atkins

Déjà vu... Danish National Coach

It is with great excitement that I can finally announce that I have signed a 3 year contract with "Rullesport Danmark" to be Danish National Coach for Inline Speedskating.

Exactly 20 years ago I made my first speedskating workshop in Denmark (in Aarhus). And there began my exciting and pleasurable relationship with Danish speedskating. 15 years ago I began as National Coach for Denmark, the sport was in a similar position to present day, similar size, similar amount of skating clubs, but with a few more skaters than now. We can build that again, I believe. In 2002 Denmark had never before had a medal at EM, and only had a top10 result once. In 2003 and 2004 we attained 6 bronze medals from EM. This was largely regarded a great success.

I have already begun working with the skaters, and we had one training weekend earlier this month, just after the National Indoor Championships. I really enjoyed the weekend, and meeting all the new skaters. Some of them I knew already and have known for 10 years or more, and some younger ones I got to meet for the first time. There was a good atmosphere, good attitude from all the skaters, and much skating. Here's a little video from that training.

Our next training is in 10 days, our first outdoor meeting of the year. (Yes, it's cold here in Denmark). Then we take a training trip to Heerenveen in Holland for 5 days on track, with over 50 danish skaters from age 7 to adult, in preparation for the coming European Cup season; Gross Gerau and Heerde, for us.

I'm looking forward to the coming seasons, and working with some very keen athletes.

Exciting times! 😃

Lets go faster,

Coach Sooty.

p.s. If you're interested in 'who' Sooty is, then click here, and/or read below.


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