• Sutton Atkins

Spring Training Camp Heerenveen

I had the pleasure of being National Coach for Denmark 15 years ago, and it's an even greater pleasure now (since Jan 1st), and a great honour. It's a fantastic organisation (Rullesport Danmark), despite being a very small sport in DK, and finances obviously not being on quite the same level as Team Powerslide 😂 they manage to provide great experiences and good training opportunities for the skaters. We've already had 2 training weekends, and last week we were on tour to Heerenveen in Holland to prepare for the upcoming European Cup season. Training on Vesmaco tracks is essential, so we had 5 days on a very fast track, working on speed, intervals, technique and team-building.

Here's a little video that Clas (Chairman for 'Fitness and Speed') made. It sums up the atmosphere and spirit in the Danish camp right now. I'm so happy to be involved, and in the long term I think we have great potential. But let's see, there's a lot of work to be done, not just training, technique and strength, but also building race events, supporting clubs and club coaches etc. It's a massive task, but there are some key people involved who are pushing forward and have great energy and motivation fo this sport we love.

#InlineForever #LetsGoFaster #RullesportDanmark #EveryDayIsSkateDay

Next training is on April 14th on the parabolic track in Slagelse (the venue of the Junior European Championships in ... err... Ummm... maybe 2008 I believe, when Bart showed everybody how to skate on track.) Then it's one stop until Gross Gerau International Criterium, and then Heerde. Inline season is HERE folks, despite mother-nature (the terrible cold weather) not realising it.

See you all out there soon,

Lets go faster.

Coach Sooty


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