• Sutton Atkins

Technique analysis

Most people battle with technique change. They wish to change, but despite repeated focus, endless repetitions of the "good technique points", and despite repeated catch-phrases from coaches ("get lower", "lean more") they still repeat the same movement patterns year after year.

This video is a little taste of the video analysis tools we use in Sk8skool. Communication of technique mistakes, and then advising how to change old habits to new, and in which order to change things is crucial to effective technique change. Just hitting out at random mistakes, a new one each week, will not help you change the way you skate. We need to tackle the most basic mistakes first, only then moving on to higher level techniques. Sometimes, it's the small details that people miss, that were blocking them from "getting it", that is they key to them moving to the next level.

Over the last 10 years Sk8skool's special formula for technique change (developed over the last 30+ years of watching skaters every day, at all levels of competition) has been proven again and again to help skaters effectively change technique over time. Almost 1000 skaters have been in Sk8skool now, improving technique, skating smoother, more effectively and eventually going faster, with less effort.

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