• Sutton Atkins

Are you over-thinking it?

As a follow-up to our previous article on "Feel and Listen" (to your body, to your skates, to your wheels), we discuss the dreaded curse of "over-thinking". Yes, it's a modern disease of analysing and over-analysing.

Call it modern-day anxiety, call it narcissistic, or maybe it's just a result of the draconian education system of constant testing and "achieving", but 'over-thinking' is very common in many athletes. They over-think performance, they over-think technique, and they over think results. They even over-think comments from other people, instead of listening to their now feelings on skates.

So how much thinking is enough, and how much is too much? Well, that depends on you, and depends on the effect. If you are thinking so much that your movement becomes stiff, robotic or awkward, then you are definitely over-thinking.

So how do you know if that is happening? Well, you are gonna need some external feedback, from a trusted friend, or a coach. It's very hard to be completely objective about your own movement, and about your own efficiency on skates. This is where an expert coach who has time for you, and gets to know the real you can move you in the right direction, calming you, relaxing you, instead of constantly pointing you in the same direction as the group ("get lower" is the standard coaching comment, right? 😂 )

... as Nike once said: "Just do it" (don't think).

Let's go faster,

Coach Sooty


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