• Sutton Atkins

How much skating should you do?

How much sport specific training should you put in to your training program? (i.e. How much skating should you do compared to cycling/strength-training/stability/core/conditioning etc.)

As I am sure you are aware, the answer to this question depends on many factors:

  • Current volume of training

  • Period the year (Season, Pre-season, etc?)

  • Age

  • Recovery rate

  • Experience on skates

  • Skill

  • Specific weaknesses

  • Training patterns and weekly programming

  • Genetics

So how do you decide? If you train only one day a week, then you should obviously be skating during 100% of your training sessions. I.e. You should skate one day a week. But if you are training 12 sessions (15-20 hours) a week (like a pro) then it is quite possible that you are only on skates 30% of the time; 4 sessions (5-7 hours). (all dependant upon the time of year, and the training phase).

We've made a general guide (below) for you, but if you have ambitions or goals then it would be best to get objective advice from a professional coach.

You can get more advice like this in our E-book "Intervals for Speedskating" which gives example summer and winter programs.

Or of course, contact us for personal coaching designed specifically for YOU.

Let's go faster.

Coach Sooty


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