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Sk8skool 10 years old

This month Sk8skool becomes 10 years old. We've come a long way and coached hundreds of people online (and in real life) almost reaching 1000 clients in the 10 year period. 😊 It's been a roller-coaster ride, as life always is, but thankfully with many more ups than downs. You can read some of the reviews from sk8skoolers here.

10 years ago, I must admit, it was little challenging coaching online, but now the technology has advanced and its easier, simple and much more effective. The best part is creating a relationship with a skater who is thousands of miles away, and helping them go faster, or more efficiently. Seeing their happiness and satisfaction as they achieve their goals.

Below you can read how Sk8skool started, and how it developed over the years...

Have a great skating week everyone,

Lets go faster,

Coach Sooty.

The History of Sk8skool…

July 2008 A favor for a friend

A parent asked me if I could give his son a little extra coaching occasionally. We did this, I enjoyed it, he enjoyed it, so it became regular. He became faster and was good enough to train indoor with Sara and myself.

January 2009 Here comes Oliver!

Oliver Lindenskov comes training with us just for fun, he did well, we enjoy having him with us, so he comes more often.

January 2009 A spark of light in the dark

One dark Saturday morning in January 09, myself and a friend were out on a long long cycle ride in the dark grey cold Danish winter, the rain was going sideways, and the wind was blowing us nearly backwards, we were hungry and exhausted but we still kept chatting to each other, keeping each other going... and we got talking about the training group that was growing around us. He said "it's like we have got a little school for skating, he he he" (... and the Sk8skool seed was planted in my head)

February 2009 The spirit of skating lifts us all

We train together and more people want to join us, Patrick comes training. All our friendships grow and we enjoy training together, there is great atmosphere in the group and even though we are all in different clubs it goes well. The training group continues to grow and it is obvious it is necessary to make this more formal and organised.

March 2009 The seed grows

The Sk8skool seed has been growing in my head, and although I have doubts about the concept, I go forward with organising it and planning. The training is going well, the group has a great feeling, we are focussed, work hard and achieve success. However, the concept of a skating ACADEMY is very "DIFFERENT" for Denmark.

April 2009 Supporters

I approached the Danish clubs, some parents and friends... almost ALL agree it is a GREAT idea, they will support it. So I start to plan, build the website, design the skinsuits, logo, training plans for the students, set up agreements for testing every 3 months, work out an agreement with Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, build slideboards, make off-skate programs, set goals, target times for skaters, pictures, posters, brochures... this was A LOT of work. I only accomplished this due to the help and support of the all parents and Sara Aagaard. 1000 THANKS to them!

20 June 2009 Sk8skool develops a girls team

With the addition of Asta Thorgersen and Naija Olsen it means the value of Sara Aagaard as the Assistant Coach became vital.

27 June 2009 Opening day

Sk8skool opens in Vallensbæk at the Danish Championships with a group warm-up and plenty of smiles.

01 July 2009 Sk8skool is truly established!!!

The original members in Sk8skool were:

Sara Aagaard

Oliver Lindenskov

Patrick Sørensen

Asta Thorgersen

Naija Olsen

Sutton Atkins (me) as the coach and Sara Aagaard is assistant coach. We look forward to train together and work hard toward gold medals.

14 July 2009 50,000 HITS !

50,000 hits on the Sk8skool website.... Wow that's a lot of interest for a small speedskating academy in Denmark. Including hits form 19 different countries!

15 July 2009 Sk8skool welcomes a new member

Mads Eriksen (Ods.) joins Sk8skool as a Half-Time member. Mads is talented and has a great "work ethic", good attitude and always has a smile. We are glad to have him join the training group. There are only 3 Full-Time places left in Sk8skool DK.

7 November 2009 Sk8skool INTERNATIONAL!

Today Sk8skool went international and welcomed a new member to the Academy. Nadine Currie lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and races for the skates for the Skate Farm Team. Nadine has been searching for expert coaching and has signed up to the newly developed "Sk8skool Masters membership" See Nadine's profile here. Nadine is a Marathon/Ultra Marathon skater, her goals in 2010 range from marathons, New York 100km and Athens to Atlanta 150km race! Our aim is to prepare Nadine physically, mentally and technically for the challenges she has set herself.

Read HOW Masters coaching can work for you ...

15 August 2010 Oliver wins in Zandvoorde! (Flanders GP)

Today was a great day for Oliver Lindenskov, and for Sk8skool. Put very simply, Oliver won Zandvoorde Grand Prix! There was a high standard of competition, with a total of 16 medallists form the recent EM in Italy, and many more national team members. Oliver looked very strong all weekend, he finished in the top 3 places in EVERY race, and he won 2 of the 5 races. There were over 30 boys in the competition, his main competitors were Gerri van Lingen from Holland and Tim Seigl from the German National Team. Before the final race all 3 boys were equal for the overall competition. They all had 8 points from 4 races. Whoever won the last race won the overall! It was VERY exciting and Oliver was obviously very nervous. But we had a talk, and made a plan. Oliver dealt with the pressure very well. (The pressure comes mostly from himself inside.) He stuck to the plan, was confident in his decision making on the track and executed his tactic with expert skill. He hit the front with 1½ laps to go, then just hit "full gas" and no-one could come past him. This was a 'composed' and 'precise' performance from a young athlete who has worked very hard and REALLY developed his talent over the past 2 years. He is really growing both mentally and technically, as well as tactically. We are all so proud and pleased for Oliver. He has earned this win! Well done Oliver!

5 April 2014 New website launch:

With the growth in ONline coaching Sk8skool has strengthened it's ONline branch of coaching. Following the success of coaching Jeffery Neal (Washington DC), Lukas Benedik (Slovakia), Mike Patchen (Long Beach, California) and now Olivier Heuze (Paris, France), Sk8skool is developing operations and placing even more emphasis on coaching those people that really burn for the sport, from anywhere in the world.


Sk8skool goes from strength strength, developing as the technology develops. New members joining every month, sometimes every week. It's booming industry, and we love meeting all these new skaters from literally ALL ROUND THE WORLD. 😃


What is Sk8skool ONline? 

Thank you for taking the time to browse my content on Sk8skool ONline. I hope you've found some useful stuff so far. My aim is to help you skate faster,  by improving your technique, more effective physical training, stability training, sports psychology tools and improved recovery.  Let me show you around, and how I can help you go faster and achieve your goals, while spending less time training ...