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Technique improvement

Improving technique is essential in inline speedskating. In Sk8skool we break the technique down in to component parts, working on ONE aspect at a time, then building it back up again when errors are fixed. This makes technique change more effective over time. We use video analysis and video communication to enable this change. Here's some of the resources we use to explain to our skaters what we mean. You can see them for free here.

Of course the "secret magic" part, is WHEN to do each drill, which order to practice them in, and which development path to take in YOUR development. It's no good working on some fo these skills, until you have mastered the basic ones. This is where personal coaching come in....

It’s important to watch my video demo a few mins before you do the drill. This is called “mental modelling”. Our memory lies to us. So we need to see the video again, just before we skate. Drills should be short length and high quality. They should be performed at your technical threshold speed (This will increase as you acquire skills). Example: Do 30 seconds of one drill, (at higher speed than ‘warm-up’ speed) then take a mental break. Evaluate. Think. Re-focus, then do the same drill again. Try a total of 3 times each drill of 30 seconds, with a mental break.

Straight 1 Power stroke:

With focus on leaning on the outside edge, and getting the hips OUTSIDE the balance point.

Straight 2 All wheels with lean + touch:

With focus on leaning on the outside edge, and getting the hips well OUTSIDE the balance point.

Straight 3 Shoulder dip or praying hands:

With focus on pressuring the outside edge with the body weight.

Straight 4 One foot balance:

With focus on keeping a straight line, shoulder “square” and parallel, and knees forward over your front wheel.

Straight 5 Two foot slalom:

With focus on putting your body weight on the inside skate (the outside edge) whilst you lean the hips.

Straight 6 One foot slalom:

With focus on steering the skate with the hips, not the shoulders.

Straight 7 Dare to lean:

Throw the body weight over and DARE to lean more than before on the outside edge.

Straight 8 Jump to lean:

With focus on getting comfortable with landing and throwing the body on the outside edge.

Straight 9 Hang time (or dolphin kick):

With focus on delaying the recovery stroke set down, whilst continuing the active stroke. More time with pressure on ONE foot (not two).

Straight 10 Crossover accelerations:

Advanced level skills, with focus on gaining speed for a crossover and "fall moment".

Circle 1 - Power stroke:

With focus on leaning on the outside edge, and getting the hips OUTSIDE the balance point (inside the circle). The body weight ends falling IN to the circle with weight on the inside foot, outside edge.

Circle 2 - Begin under push (double push):

With focus on pressuring the outside edge of the inside skate, from the shoulder and hip displacement.

Circle 3 - Finish under push:

With focus on pressuring the outside edge and driving it though, under the body, parallel and pushing to the outside. Hip IN to the circle.

Circle 4 - Smooth low skates:

With focus on hip IN to the circle, and keeping the skates as low as possible.

Circle 5 - Power circles:

With focus on higher speed, darting to lean, smooth movement.

Naija’s drill:

This drill is intended to give you more TIME on th outside edge, to become "friends" with the outside edge. With focus on knees forward, hips IN, and daring to pressure the outside edge whilst falling in to the circle. (It's important not to use your parter for balance, only as a "motor" to keep you moving forward for longer")



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