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Sk8skool's Niko at Worlds

I've been working with Nikolai for over 3 years, and Niko has shown me he is one of the most disciplined, serious and focussed young athletes I've ever met. It's "not easy" (understatement) to develop elite performance in Denmark, with few high quality facilities, and even less skaters (less than 25 speedskaters - cadet to senior - in the whole country. That means less than 5 skaters in the junior class at nationals.) The level is low, and competition unrealistic in relation to Euro Cups, Euro's and World's. However, Niko takes this as one more challenge, and has travelled on training camps (Lagos, Heerenveen, Zandvoorde, Geisingen) and to races all over Europe, to try to gain the top speed necessary on Vesmaco tracks and to learn how to race. (A nod to Kalon Dobbin and his 'Team Arma', for assisting Niko at training camp the past few weeks). Technique development has been a priority, and he has been able to change his technique each year. Both with video analysis of the biomechanics, and the "FEEL" of the skates, track and his body weight.

We've also been working on his aggression, mental preparedness, and manipulating the 'atmosphere' inside his head, and the mental energy available to him immediately prior to a race. His steady and sensible progression over that past 3 years has rewarded him, but we are not finished yet. He is stil l eager to learn, and looking forward to improve over the rest of the season.

Almost daily contact, (FaceTime, sms, email) and training planning ( has guided Niko to be one of the top skaters in the world. His recent 8th place, in his very first race at the World Roller Games in Barcelona was a big step up for him, and that result was the best Danish Junior result in the last 3 years, equal with Oliver and Philips 8th places in 2015 and 2016.

Niko's words:

My first and last world championship as junior is over !!!

A Worlds that began above all expectations.

Where I achieved an 8th place in the 10,000m point/elim (the best Danish junior result for more than 3 years). Then I had some downs, where the track changed significantly from one day to the other and it was not to my advantage. On the road, I delivered the best Danish result with a 13th place in 10,000m points. Although the start didn't go straight ahead as planned when I crashed after 100m. 😂 But I got back up again and came to the finish of a nice 13th place. The last race was the Marathon, where it also went really well. I finished in the time of 1 hour and 6 min which is my fastest time at the Marathon distance. It got a 12th place in the junior division. My season is far from over, the next race is Flanders but before that I have to train in Geisingen with my little brother Sebastian.

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