3 months "Left Turns Only" €79/month

3 months "Left Turns Only" €79/month

€ 237,00Price
3 months "Left Turns Only only" package personal coaching  €79/month  (€237)

Sk8skool Coach Sooty has years of experience of indoor skating and racing. "I've been skating indoor for 30 years, have lived in USA for 3 years specifically to improve my indoor skating and was many times national champion in UK.

"Left Turns Only", right? This coaching package is specifically designed for this that only want to go fast indoor, and that means turning left, leaning and flying round corners. We love it.

Analysis of your skating technique with "Hudl Technique" video app, email and Skype… including advice on how to change your technique, drills, exercises and the REASONS behind why the techniques work. Skype call once a month. "Hull Technique" analysis twice a month.

Monthly Skype/FT coaching
Twice monhtly video analysis with voice-over commentary
We suggest which exercises to do in training and which order
to do them in for best progression
Including, off-skate, core and stability training advice.

What is Sk8skool ONline? 

Thank you for taking the time to browse my content on Sk8skool ONline. I hope you've found some useful stuff so far. My aim is to help you skate faster,  by improving your technique, more effective physical training, stability training, sports psychology tools and improved recovery.  Let me show you around, and how I can help you go faster and achieve your goals, while spending less time training ...