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Hello Sutton,

Thank you for the detailed video analyses and the drills that will enable me to improve my skating technique.

After Sk8Camp I enjoyed a week of camping on Lolland. Being home again now I realised how fantastic Sk8Camp has been! I really enjoyed being in a multi-national, multi-skills and multi-aged but coherent group under the professional guidance of Lucas, Oz and yourself. Above all, I never had such a spot-on technical advice before. So with enthusiasm and motivation I resumed training, with the ever present coastal wind (in the back) to help me performing the drills well.

Thank you so much!



I had a fantastic time at Sk8Skool and really appreciated the time you spent with all of us and the warm, inclusive atmosphere at the camp.  I would love to come back in the future once I make some progress with my skating.  

It's been a great end to my European holiday and hopefully a great beginning to me  improving my skating.


Sk8skool has a big value for me.

I like that coach Sooty not only see the problems in technique, but can identify root cause of each issue and set right priorities in training process.  I get a lot of attention during my training. Sooty makes my training well structured and efficient, I never feel alone in the sport anymore. 

In only 9 month I started to skate much much faster and see huge improvements in my technique and speed. 


Hi Sooty,

I coached gymnastics for 23 years, as a result I'm friends with some of the best gymnastics coaches in world and I know what great coaching looks like. As a coach you are as good as any of them. In 3-months you have made as big a difference in my skating as any of my speed skating coaches over the past almost 10 years and I am both extremely happy with and grateful for your help. So, I am and will continue to recommend your coaching to all the skaters I know.

Thanks for all your help. 


Wow! This week really exceeded my expectations. I initially got frustrated trying to keep up with the experienced skaters. You sitting down with me Monday afternoon really helped me pace myself throughout the week.  It seems best to make sure it is challenging for the experienced, and those less can just sit on the bench for breaks they deem best for them. 


On another note, I was surprised that many participants are unaware of your video analysis. I shared my success, and actually showed them your Hudl reviews on my iPad.  I also expressed the “value” of your online coaching. 😆 I plan to be back next year (if financials allow), and will try to bring a few others that I skate with. 


Video analysis with Coach Sooty has been the best way for me to begin bridging the gap between what I think I am doing and what I am really doing when I skate. When I watch how I was skating at the beginning of my 3 months to now the changes look amazing and the results are beginning to speak for themselves during races. I am feeling more efficient and in control. Excited to continue another 3 months to better refine the changes!


“Sutton Atkins is an extremely talented and gifted person - He is very dedicated in all what he does - I highly recommend him as trainer, teacher and friend.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity 

Lars T

“I worked as Sutton’s assistant and later joined the team as a skater and hence came to know Sutton’s work from two sides. As a colleague he really makes you do your best. doing it almost as good as usual is simply not enough for him so he motivates the people around him to try and do it better. I enjoyed working with him a lot and as a skater he made me realize a lot about skating and my self. There's only a very few out there as determined as Sutton if he accepts a goal he will do all in his power to reach it” 

Rune, Elite Skater at National Team 



I think you do a great job!!!!


I can warmly recommend Sutton as both a team-coach and a personal-coach. I have, through my skating career as elite athlete had Sutton as coach in many situations, among those; Danish National Team, Club/Personal Coach. I experienced a totally new form of professionalism than we had not experienced before. Sutton’s perspective of the sport and training is insightful and you can feel he has lived and experienced it himself.  It’s clear to me that it was Suttons hard work that has given the team and international level. 

Multiple Danish Champion, inline and Ice.

Lasse Wilms. 

"This is a very special place, it's amazing! The coaching, the facilities, and then the food also! Wow."

Regards, JP


"I want to tell you that I have never met anyone so dedicated to inline skating as you are. All the things you do to make it visible, foment and improve skating beyond the competition is great."


“Thank you for the coaching last week, I enjoyed meeting you.  I was very impressed with the new techniques that we learned, I feel highly motivated and hopefully be able to put these in to my days of training and racing.  I had great times with everyone there, skating was hard some days, loved the downhill part, and using others tracks that we don’t get to use in England, 


Without Sutton I would never have dared to start and achieve my dream of getting to the Olpmyics on ice.


Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you and the coaches (please pass on).    …  you are offering these sessions they have access to technical Information they would otherwise not get. So thank you again we really really did enjoy it all. “


"Great coaching, great company of like-minded people! And great fun! Oh, how I miss all of it."


“Sutton has done a remarkable and innovative job on the Academy. He is polite and has a great awareness of his responsibility which he more than for fill. I can truly say he is a great colleague to work with.


Jakob Soendergaard

Development coordinator. 


...again, you hit the nail on the head..... I have learned much from you on your travels to So Cal over the many years training with us all/showing us a better way .......taking your clinic/reading watching your website/videos.......... all of those have changed the way I train for the last 6+ years of which ‘Minimum Stimulus' has become a huge part of my training/racing. I am "OLD" so training has to be for me highly effective to still play with the kids and on rare occasions actually get to hold "School" for the young-guns…… OMG that is what drives me to be able to compete at a high level to this day and gives me my high quality of ‘living life HUGE’ ..... I can put it into very simple words for everyone.... "I have Good Days....... and then I have GREAT DAYS" . It is just that simple for me...... Thanks for our friendship, coaching over the years........ I am really excited about this racing season here in the USA for me........ Take Care..... Thanks again. R((OOO))ger


"I've just improved my skating SO MUCH this week.  I totally "get it" now. I can't believe how much I've improved" 



I going to write a little review about SK8SKOOOL ONLINE: (please excuse my English, I'm from Chile)

I known my coach for 5 months from the webpage Sk8skoolONline.com, in the first time, in my first impression I didn’t feel completely confident, only because of the online system, but after I speak by video-call with Sooty I took the decision in give him an opportunity lol. I learned a lot of stuff about speed skating, after just 5 months I improve like never before, the coach help me heaps every day, technically, performance, psychologically and literally. Sooty have the tools for give to everyone the best training for speed skating, just is very necessary to be completely responsible with every workout. I had the typical thinking of training hard, feel as tired as possible, but that is completely wrong, I learned how to training smart and not wasting time in hard training of 5 or 6 hours. With 2 or 3 hours a day is enough for improve everything and very fast. In my first training with Sooty I did around 40 Km in my road bike and I felt really tired, horrible, now I can do 80 km workout (heart rate intervals in mountain ride) and in my free days I did over 140 kilometres on my road bike without problem, easy. I really recommend Sooty as coach, he knows a lot and he teach you everything and you can understand why are you doing each workout. The best stuff of this kind of coaching, I can see my improvement and everything in smart app in my smartphone with graphics and inferences in the future. Is really good. if you want to improve in speed skating, i recommend Sk8skoolONline.
I Needed a coach and i find a friend, thanks Sooty  😊  

Mathias (Chile) 


Hey Sooty.

Thanks for a great camp! Just to let you know the evaluation with the bruttotrup was really good and really positive. No one had anything negative to say. I even asked them if they should say just one negative thing or at least one thing that you can improve and no one said anything. The skaters seems really happy and hungry for more. 




Hi Sooty,

I asked them what they thought of the camp, and the consistent answer was they had a lot of fun. I think most (if not all) are really tired today. They also pointed out they learned a lot, witch I think is amazing. So I think it was a great experience for them, and they seem really motivated to go home and work on their technical skills, witch I haven't seen before.



Thanks for your advise. You are just so amazing.  I went spinning after the weekend, and that helped on the soreness. Thank you for being, who you are and that you take such care for us! :) Have a nice trip and come back stronger!
See u soon. 


Hi Sooty

I think that you are doing a really great job, and you know that i think that. If i did not think that i would not do 2 days og PC every month, and I would not write to you nearly everytime i can... I just want you to know that i support you, ...I really really hope that you stay in your job

as national coach, because skating is really my life... I you know that i will sacrifice everything for it....  I also wrote to you how great the triningsession we had was in the email... the reason why i am writing this letter is because  that I want you to know that somebody thinks that you are doing great... I would not have gone so far without you...

See you...  Skating greetings. Christian


Hi Sutton.

Good mail. Positive.  I want you to know that we actually are a lot of people that think that you are doing a hell of a good job and I also want you to understand that I follow you. All the best and great mail.




Hi Sutton 

In Albertslund you are 'God' for everyone, who have met you at Skate Education or Workshops and everyone is REALLY looking forward to see you again. 

 Hilsen, A.

Hi Sutton! 

I remember, as a ”newborn” speedskater, the first time I saw you coach the team. I didn’t have much experience, but i sensed that you were not just an ordinary coach. Watching you skate showed me that your commitment to coaching was backed up by a wonderfull technique that i would like to copy if I could! I considered it a gift from heaven that danish speedskating were lucky enough to have you as coach, and everybody else I talked to about it seemed to have the same opinion. 😊  

 Lars J

Dear Sutton

We are parents of a junior skater and with little to no knowledge of the sport. Never the less it is our humble opinion that you have elevated skating in Denmark enormously in a very short time. It is our impression that your work is very serious and reflecting a deep knowledge and experience. You have worked for the sport in many different areas. Both for the individual and for the sport at large and for the future.


You have given Danish skaters including our son many great experiences and have made a big impact in developing people. In Spain at EM it was clearly our impression that you were the most professionel coach in preparing and supporting the Danish participants. We want to convey to you our support to your striking work for Danish rollerskating.

With regards,

P.E and T.


I wouldn't have got that 3. place at Euro's without your help..
hilsen Martin.


Hey Sooty! 

Just wanted to say thank you, for what you have done to danish speedskating, we would never have made this far if it wasn't for you.. Thank you for so great traning always and for supporting us all the time, for the squads you made every month and for the awesome trips we've had to Germany, Holland and Spain ;) I know that i'm not in the top of europe or anything like that yet but it'll come and you have shown me that I can do it, and learned me how to do it.. So THANK YOU :)

Best regards



again thanks for your big job in building up skating in Denmark... its really great



Hi Sooty,

As I told you this summer you dedication to the sport and your wisdom have been a great inspiration for me and changed the way I think about skating, training and dedicating your life to achieve your goals.So me of what I’ve learned from you will always be there with me. I know you’ve pushed it as far as you could (and with great results for the skaters).

All the best wishes from me

Med venlig hilsen
Rune F


We will miss u a lot. I think u are one of the reasons for our engagement in the sports.. it's so motivating to see u'r enthusiasm. And I like to train hard and focused and follow you plans etc to see how far it can bring me.. I also think there's a drive that comes from the fact that u give yourself so much pain to do training plans for us, that I think I want to follow them and imrpove as much as possible to show you that I appreciate your work and think that you're a good trainer..




Hello Sutton!

You have done a great job with Danish Speedskating, and it would be a shame if that had to come to an end, I know that I'm speaking for

Caspar as well. 

With regards

Ib R


Wooow. What a great website. I'm impressed. Wish you were still my coach.... I think your fire and passion for skating /sport did a lot: you had a mission with improving the skaters - and skaters feel that ....